Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
Web Update Log -- Current (Since May 15, 2005)

This log is in ASCII text for ease. It was originally saved as an html file for the purpose of browser viewing, since in 1997, Netscape 4.0 wouldn't allow viewing of text files. And html provides linking for easy error checking, almost acting the role of a site-map. The format and color scheme have been retained for this new site, at least temporarily on the colors. Red Text in the update list reflect items edited offsite that need to be downloaded to the master offline archive, while items in blue have been edited offline and need to be uploaded.

This file last modified on 01/22/18, 1200 EST by RGM

File				Last update	ByWho	What done?

index.html			01-22-18	rgm	Updated menu sections for 2018 officers.

about/index.html		12-13-17	rgm	Updated several sections including Dues, Contact and Calendar.

companystore/index.html		12-13-17	rgm	Began updates to streamline the membership options for 2018 CY

index.html			12-13-17	rgm	Main page paypal code updated for 2018-2019-2020 membership years

companystore/index.html		12-02-17	rgm	Code for Atlas GP40 RF&P and U36B auto-train added

companystore/index.html		11-11-17	rgm	Membership links updated to 2018 membership year

index.html			11-11-17	rgm	V13 I3 news item added;

publications/index.html		11-11-17	rgm	V13 I3 html added with issue summary

publications/newsletter		11-10-17	rgm	filename typos corrected (was cpver iso cover)
./V13 I2cover.jpg
./V13 I2cover1.jpg

publications/newsletter		11-09-17	jbm	Cover images added
./V13 I3cover.jpg
./V13 I3cover1.jpg

companystore/index.html		09-24-17	rgm	1989 logo mugs marked SOLD OUT as of 9-5-17

index.html			09-24-17	rgm	V13 I3 news item added;

publications/index.html		09-24-17	rgm	V13 I3 html added with issue summary

publications/newsletter		09-19-17	jbm	Cover images added
./V13 I3cover.jpg
./V13 I3cover1.jpg

index.html			08-01-17	rgm	September 30th meeting announcement added

index.html			07-16-17	rgm	V13 I2 news item added;
							7-29 meeting notice updated for nominations (Class 2 directorships)

publications/index.html		07-16-17	rgm	V13 I2 html added with issue summary

publications/newsletter		07-16-17	jbm	Cover images added
./V13 I2cover.jpg
./V13 I2cover1.jpg

index.html			05-01-17	rgm	July 29 meeting announcement added

index.html			03-23-17	rgm	V13 I1 news item added

publications/index.html		03-23-17	rgm	V13 I1 html added with issue summary

publications/newsletter		03-18-17	jbm	Cover images added
./V13 I1cover.jpg
./V13 I1cover1.jpg

companystore/index.html		02-19-17	rgm	Product sections added for the auto-train tshirt & license plate

companystore/auto-train		02-18-17	r-h	Images of auto-train tshirt and license plate uploaded

companystore/index.html		01-27-17	rgm	All 2016 dues items made 2018 (so that page shows 2017 and 2018 as options)

index.html			01-27-17	rgm	2017 1st Quarter Meeting Notice added

index.html			12-03-16	rgm	new membership paypal code added allowing multiple year choices

index.html			10-14-16	rgm	V12 I4 news item added

publications/index.html		10-14-16	rgm	V12 I4 html added with issue summary

publications/newsletter		10-13-16	jbm	Cover images added
./V12 I4cover.jpg
./V12 I4cover1.jpg

index.html			10-10-16	rgm	auto-train book made live

companystore/index.html		10-10-16	rgm	auto-train book made live

index.html			07-31-16	rgm	3rd Q recap and Annual meeting notice added;

companystore/index.html		07-30-16	rgm	2-rail O boxcar inventory updated - 2343 sold out, 2392 limited.

index.html			07-19-16	rgm	News item for V12 I3 added;

publications/index.html		07-19-16	rgm	V12 I3 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	07-19-16	jbm	Cover image added
./V12 I3 cover.jpg
./V12 I3 cover1.jpg

publications/index.html		05-07-16	rgm	Menubar updated for Archives contact, thermometer.

about/index.html		05-07-16	rgm	Membership dues section corrected to read 2016 dues;
							Calendar section subheading for CS shows updated to show
							16/17 vice 15/16.

index.html			05-07-16	rgm	2nd Q recap corrected for archives site count as 24

index.html			05-05-16	rgm	2nd Q recap added; 3rd Q meeting announcement added, menubar updated for Archives Chair

about/index.html		05-05-16	rgm	Show calenedar updated; Archives Chair added to contacts;

collections/index.html		05-04-16	rgm	Menubar & Archives contact info updated

companystore/index.html		05-03-16	rgm	Menubar updated for Archives Chair

index.html			05-01-16	rgm	Meeting recap news item added

companystore/index.html		05-01-16	rgm	RED CABOOSE marked SOLD OUT!

collections/index.html		04-30-16	rgm	Archives page updated for 311 Central Road in Fredericksburg,
							including embed Google Maps.

companystore/index.html		04-24-16	rgm	html added for Micro Trains N Scale boxcar
							Full set price for Intermountain 50' boxcars lowered to $164

companystore/microtrains	04-24-16	rgm	folder created
./n-rfp2870-in-box.jpg				r-h	product image uploaded

index.html			04-22-16	rgm	News item for V12 I1 added;

publications/index.html		04-22-16	rgm	V12 I1 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	04-16-16	jbm	Cover image added
./V12 I2 cover.jpg
./V12 I2 cover1.jpg

companystore/index.html		03-26-16	rgm	html & content updated to add Atlas O 50' boxcars, 
							Bowser 16 panel 70 ton hoppers and Intermountain 50'
							P-S 5277 cf exterior post boxcars as well as general
							cleanup including removing Paypal code for patches,
							and noting all silent F7s now sold out.

companystore/bowser		03-26-16	rgm	folder created
./bowser-rfp8300.jpg				r-h	image uploaded of Bowser 16 panel 70 ton hopper
./bowser-rfp8300c.jpg				rgm	cropped version of bowser-rfp8300.jpg
./bowser-rfp8300-in-box.jpg			r-h	image uploaded

companystore/atlas/		03-26-16	r-h	Atlas O 50' PS-1 images uploaded

index.html                      03-07-16        rgm     2nd Quarter meeting news item added

companystore/index.html         03-07-16        rgm     PY1 quantity - undamaged sold out, 20% off light damage
                                                        copies - paypal code now includes the damaged flags and prices.

companystore/index.html         03-06-16        rgm     Total shipping clause at top updated for PY1/PY2 shipping.

companystore/index.html         03-04-16        rgm     PY 1 and PY 2 descriptions updated with respect to shipping.

companystore/index.html		01-30-16	rgm	Updated stock availability for several items:
							Pins, hats out of stock
							cabooses extremely limited
							F7A no sound sold out; F7A/F7B w sound price reduction

index.html			01-23-16	rgm	News item for V12 I1 added;

publications/index.html		01-23-16	rgm	V12 I1 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	01-18-16	jbm	Cover image added
./V12 I1 cover.jpg
./V12 I1 cover1.jpg

companystore/index.html		01-03-16	rgm	menubar updated for VP turnover; noticed Treasurer showed vacant, 
							likely since deat of Jack Rizer. Corrected with Bill Gellerman's name.

index.html			01-03-16	rgm	Pages updated for officer turnover;
about/index.html					about page also updated to remove 2015 events

index.html			11-02-15	rgm	Updated for news items for 2015 Annual Meeting recap & 1st Q 
							2016 meeting announcement

companystore/index.html		11-02-15	rgm	fixed Paypal code for PY books 1 & 2 for shipping on next item!

index.html			10-24-15	rgm	3rd Quarter recap posted on facebook copied to main page.

about/index.html		10-24-15	rgm	Page updated for show calendar & 2016 meeting dates;
							a few other typos corrected in Dues sectiion;

index.html			10-23-15	rgm	Annual meeting item updated for 2016 meeting dates

index.html			10-19-15	rgm	Annual meeting item updated for PY Book 2

companystore/index.html		10-19-15	rgm	PY Book 2 html added; 2016 dues made live;
							2015 back issue html added;

companystore/pybook2		10-18-15	rgm	directory created
./PY BOOK 2 FLYER.pdf				jbm	flyer uploaded

index.html			10-19-15	rgm	News item for V11 I4 added;

publications/index.html		10-19-15	rgm	V11 I4 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	10-18-15	jbm	Cover image added
./V11 I4 cover.jpg
./V11 I4 cover1.jpg

index.html			08-14-15	rgm	News item for V11 I3 added;

publications/index.html		08-14-15	rgm	V11 I3 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	08-13-15	jbm	Cover image added
./V11 I3 cover.jpg
./V11 I3 cover1.jpg

index.html			07-08-15	rgm	News item for V11 I2 fixed;

index.html			06-27-15	rgm	3rd quarter meeting news item updated to reflect
							which class of directors are up for election.

index.html			05-31-15	rgm	3rd quarter meeting news item added

index.html			05-25-15	rgm	News item for 2nd quarter meeting updated;

publications/index.html		05-11-15	rgm	V11 I2 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	05-11-15	jbm	Cover image added
./V11 I2 cover.jpg
./V11 I2 cover1.jpg

index.html			04-13-15	rgm	News item for 2nd Quarter meeting added;

index.html			04-01-15	rgm	News item for 1st Quarter recap added;

index.html			02-28-15	rgm	News item for V11 I1 added;
							1st Quarter meeting blurb added

publications/index.html		02-28-15	rgm	V11 I1 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	02-26-15	jbm	Cover image added
./V11 I1 cover.jpg
./V11 I1 cover1.jpg

index.html			01-08-15	rgm	Membership chair changed to "acting" & Jim Musgrove

companystore/index.html		11-10-14	rgm	Wilkerson print price reduced to $20 + 1.06 tax. 

about/index.html		11-09-14	rgm	2015 dates posted

index.html			11-09-14	rgm	Annual meeting recap posted; 2015 dates posted

companystore/index.html		11-03-14	rgm	Car #7017 marked as sold out. 

companystore/index.html		10-25-14	rgm	Car #7047 marked as sold out. Car #7017 limited
							quantities noted (3 left)

index.html			10-21-14	rgm	News item for V10 I4 added;

publications/index.html		10-21-14	rgm	V10 I4 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	10-21-14	jbm	Cover image added
./V10 I4 cover.jpg
./V10 I4 cover1.jpg

companystore/index.html		10-21-14	rgm	Membership items updated to show 2014 and 2015 membership years

index.html			09-27-14	rgm	Annual meeting announcement corrected (missed a year change)

index.html			08-31-14	rgm	Annual meeting announcement, Q3 recap posted

companystore/index.html		08-19-14	rgm	F7, Rapido edits uploaded

index.html			08-18-14	rgm	News item for V10 I3 added; 3rd Q meeting item updated
							to include note about Rapido and Intermountain items 
							being available at the meeting.

publications/index.html		08-18-14	rgm	V10 I3 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	08-17-14	jbm	Cover image added
./V10 I3 cover.jpg
./V10 I3 cover1.jpg

companystore/index.html		08-16-14	rgm	Section edits for F7s, Rapido coaches created (not uploaded until 8-19)

companystore/rapido/		08-16-14	rgm	image uploaded of Rapido car

companystore/intermountain/	08-16-14	rgm	Images of Intermountain F7s uploaded

companystore/			08-16-14	rgm	directories created
./passenger car flyer.pdf	08-16-14	jbm	V10 I3 flyer PDF uploaded
./F-7 locomotive flyer.pdf	08-16-14	jbm	V10 I3 flyer PDF uplaoded
index.html			07-17-14	rgm	3rd Quarter news item added

index.html			05-10-14	rgm	HTML corrected, separating title of V10, I2 news item from section heading

companystore/index.html		05-10-14	rgm	8" Herald item html added.

index.html			05-07-14	rgm	V10, I2 news item added

publications/index.html		05-07-14	rgm	V10 I2 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	05-06-14	jbm	Cover image added
./V10 I2 cover.jpg
./V10 I2 cover1.jpg

index.html			04-20-14	rgm	Typo in PY book entries corrected "Potomc" in two locations

index.html			04-18-14	rgm	2nd Quarter news item added

index.html			03-02-14	rgm	V10, I1 news item added

publications/index.html		03-02-14	rgm	V10 I1 description, html added.

publications/newsletter/	02-24-14	jbm	Cover image added
./V10 I1 cover.jpg
./V10 I1 cover1.jpg

companystore/index.html		01-07-14	rgm	PY book - member price extended to May 31, 2014

index.html			01-07-14	rgm	1st Q 2014 meeting announcement item
							PY Book - member price extended item

companystore/orderform2014.pdf	01-01-14	rgm	2014 order form uploaded

companystore/index.html		12-31-13	rgm	order form link changed to be orderform2014.pdf

companystore/index.html		12-29-13	rgm	2013 membership commented out; order form language updated

about/index.html		12-29-13	rgm	end of year paragraph commented out, updated for end of 2014

companystore/kadee/		12-24-13	rgm	Out of box roster shots uploaded (Taken for MR magazine Club news announcement)

companystore/orderform2014.pdf	12-24-13	jbm	Four page pdf order form

companystore/index.html		12-04-13	rgm	Mousepads updated to show SOLD OUT.

about/index.html		11-09-13	rgm	CS - parentheses removed from "out of state" sentence.

about/index.html		11-07-13	rgm	Stray "1" at top left removed;
							Revised what would be considered as donation to include any amount over specified class;
							Dues level for 2014 set date;
							Publications - updated for 34 issues & 2014;
							CS - added Jewell and Foley books as well as models & mugs;
							Archives - added Brian O'Donoghue as Recording Archivist (was already in contact section);
							Contact - commented out nominations chair as Gellerman is on EC/BOD and can't serve;
							Calendar - added 

missing to break between 2013 and 2014 in show list; Calendar - commented out Broad Street show paragraph; CS - corrected sentence on RF&P mugs (was not corrected as thought above; Direct links for twitter and facebook pages added in contact section; collections/ ./archive-item-photos/ 11-06-13 rgm photo of form 19 from September 8, 1976, number 1, from August 20, 2005 meeting ./form19-19760908-no1-20050820.jpg collections/index.html 11-06-13 rgm thumbnails of the four item photos added in place of full size on page load companystore/index.html 11-03-13 rgm corrected typo in caption of 2010 CS photo - was missing word "meeting"; Uncommented out the 2013 issues as individual CS items publications/index.html 11-03-13 rgm intro paragraph text edited to reflect PYD booklet sold out; Jewell and Foley sentence revised to reflect "currently" index.html 11-03-13 rgm News item for 2014 target dates, meeting recap added. about/index.html 11-02-13 rgm Contacts section updated for election results Calendar section updated for 2014 dates & CS calendar collections/index.html 11-02-13 rgm html for four sample item photos added collections/ ./archive-item-photos/ 11-02-13 rgm directory created; photos added bound-paper-c-6-d-6.jpg paper-location-b-7.jpg train-sheets-1921-1937.jpg hats.jpg publications/index.html 10-19-13 rgm V9 I4 description, html added. publications/newsletter/ 10-19-13 jbm Cover image added ./V9 I4 cover.jpg ./V9 I4 cover1.jpg index.html 10-19-13 rgm Membership as of updated to 448 as of 10/18/13 for CY13. companystore/index.html publications/index.html collections/index.html about/index.html 10-18-13 rgm Membership sections updated to reflect late year memberships & 2014 made companystore/index.html item on CS page. index.html 09-24-13 rgm Donate button added to main menubar companystore/index.html index.html 08-11-13 rgm News item for PY Book added edited to address foreign orders; News item for 3rd quarter recap and 4th quarter meeting announcements added; companystore/index.html 08-11-13 rgm PY Book item edited to address foreign orders - accepted but please contact first. . index.html 07-27-13 rgm News item for PY Book added; paypal code altered to have member # field for member option and $7 fixed shipping per book; fixed link to PDF flyer/order form; companystore/index.html 07-27-13 rgm fixed link to PDF/order form by renaming the PDF to match the link (by removing the final space); also altered paypal code for $7 fixed shipping and added member # field (6 characters) for member pricing option. publications/ 07-26-13 jbm Jpg image of the book cover added ./foley book cover image.jpg index.html 07-26-13 rgm V9 I3 news item added publications/index.html 07-26-13 rgm Text/Html for V9 I3 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 07-26-13 jbm Cover image added ./V9 I3 cover.jpg ./V9 I3 cover1.jpg companystore/index.html 07-26-13 rgm Potomac Yard book item created companystore/index.html 07-18-13 rgm Back issue total fixed throught page (had several 18 and 14 issue references and the bottom paypal code had 114.75. companystore/index.html 07-10-13 rgm Kadee car item description & paypal code corrected for 5.3% breakdown companystore/index.html 07-01-13 rgm Updated for 5.3% sales tax calc index.html 06-10-13 rgm Kadee boxcars news item? companystore/index.html 06-10-13 rgm Kadee boxcars, final price corrected (28.57/57.14); Now noted as in stock, deleted advance reservation. companystore/kadee/ 06-10-13 rgm smaller size versions of these created for ./kadee2822-small.jpg use in broadcast email for Kadee cars ./kadee2839-small.jpg index.html 06-07-13 rgm V9 I2 news item corrected (mail date) publications/index.html 06-07-13 rgm Text/Html for V9 I2 corrected (mail date) index.html 06-06-13 rgm V9 I2 news item added publications/index.html 06-06-13 rgm Text/Html for V9 I2 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 06-06-13 jbm Cover image added ./V9 I2 cover.jpg ./V9 I2 cover1.jpg index.html 05-14-13 rgm Detailed recap of the 1st quarter meeting replaces commented stub companystore/index.html 05-14-13 rgm 903 removed as individual item, now only as combo with 906 index.html 04-15-13 rgm 2nd Quarter meeting announcement news item companystore/index.html 04-15-13 rgm Added Kadee car section to CS Page; final price not inserted. companystore/kadee/ 04-15-13 rgm smaller size (50%) of kadee-all.jpg created ./kadee-all-small.jpg about/index.html 04-07-13 rgm Meeting dates updated for 3rd Quarter. companystore/index.html 04-07-13 rgm bottom membership section updated for 2013 Menubar updated for current thermometer, app year. companystore/kadee/ 04-06-13 rgm directory created ./2822-end.jpg raw images of Kadee cars uploaded ./2824-end.jpg ./2939-end.jpg ./kadee-all.jpg ./kadee2822.jpg ./kadee2824.jpg ./kadee2839.jpg index.html 04-06-13 rgm News Item for change in 3rd Q Meeting Date News Item for Rappahannock Chapter NHRS invite for May 18, 2013 index.html 03-09-13 rgm V9 I1 news item added publications/index.html 03-07-13 rgm Text/Html for V9 I1 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 03-07-13 jbm Cover image added ./V9 I1 cover.jpg ./V9 I1 cover1.jpg companystore/ 01-07-13 rgm new 2013 order form with Dietz book sold out; updated shipping maxes; ./orderform2013.xls Back issues section updated for whole sets. publications/index.html 01-07-13 rgm Corrected top header for 30 issues to date. Was stuck on 27. about/index.html 01-07-13 rgm End of Year membership commented out 2013 meeting dates updated Company Store calendar updated (Greenberg Chantilly Aug 2013) index.html 01-07-13 rgm Updated 2013 meeting dates companystore/index.html 01-06-13 rgm Dietz book sold out; 2012 membership removed (made 2013) Back issues section reworded for 2013 as current year about/index.html 11-09-12 rgm 2013 meeting dates added. index.html 11-05-12 rgm 2012 annual meeting recap; 2013 meeting dates; upcoming CS events about/index.html 10-17-12 rgm End of year dues verbiage updated for 2013, uncommented Shows calendar updated for end of 2012, early 2013 index.html 10-16-12 rgm Actual mail date for 8:4 added, flyer PDF linked in same news item. index.html 10-14-12 rgm News items for new CS items companystore/index.html 10-14-12 rgm Edits through 10-12-12 uploaded index.html 10-12-12 rgm V8 I4 news item added companystore/index.html 10-12-12 rgm Added comment coding to more easily see break between years in back issue paypal coding publications/index.html 10-12-12 rgm Text/Html for V8 I4 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 10-12-12 jbm Cover image added ./V8 I4 cover.jpg ./V8 I4 cover1.jpg companystore/ 10-12-12 jbm PDF of orderform2012.xls ./orderform2012.pdf companystore/index.html 10-12-12 rgm Sections for Atlas hoppers, Pins, Patches added; code for 2012 back issues added; Html error in 2006 and 2005 back issue sections corrected; order form targets updated to 2012 xls & pdf companystore/pinspatches/ 10-12-12 rgm Directory created ./1949 nose logo pin.jpg wbg Photos (gellerman) of pins/patches uploaded ./1989 logo pin.jpg ./1949 nose logo patch.jpg companystore/atlas/ 10-12-12 rgm Directory created ./atlas/7017.jpg Wcs Photo (Sheild) of hopper #7017 uploaded companystore/ 10-06-12 rgm 1949 mugs, Atlas hopper html added ./orderform2012.xls 2011 form updated for 2012; 2013 dues sections added. index.html 09-01-12 rgm Annual meeting announcement edited for ballot deadline details. index.html 08-05-12 rgm 3rd Q meeting recap added; 4th Q advance announcment item added index.html 07-28-12 rgm News item for 8:3 made live; publications/index.html 07-27-12 rgm Text/Html for V8 I3 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 07-20-12 jbm Cover image added ./V8 I3 cover.jpg ./V8 I3 cover1.jpg index.html 05-06-12 rgm 2nd Q meeting recap added; 3rd Q advance announcment item added index.html 05-05-12 rgm Member attendance count corrected to 50 for 1st Q meeting index.html 04-14-12 rgm News item for 8:2 made live; 8:1 news item corrected (ref'd 4:1) publications/index.html 04-14-12 rgm Text/Html for V8 I2 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 04-13-12 jbm Cover image added ./V8 I2 cover.jpg ./V8 I2 cover1.jpg index.html 02-28-12 rgm update page updated for 2-14, 2-21 work index.html 02-21-12 rgm 1st Q meeting item edited index.html 02-14-12 rgm actual mail date for 8:1 index.html 02-13-12 rgm News item for 8:1 made live; news items for 7:3 and 7:4 corrected, errantly had 7:2 in text; publications/index.html 02-13-12 rgm Text/Html for V8 I1 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 02-13-12 jbm Cover image added ./V8 I1 cover.jpg ./V8 I1 cover1.jpg index.html 01-27-12 rgm Call to the 2012 1st Quarter meeting about/index.html 01-27-12 rgm Dues section updated to comment out end of year policy; Show section commented out past events; index.html 11-17-11 rgm 2011 Annual Meeting recap edited for presenter names index.html 11-11-11 rgm news item for 2011 Annual Meeting recap index.html 11-11-11 rgm news item for 2012 meeting dates about/index.html 11-11-11 rgm 2012 meeting dates added companystore/index.html 11-11-11 rgm html for 2011 back issues (Volume 7) made live; Mugs - changed wording for 1949 logo mugs to poss 2012; Jewell book - changed wording about 2nd printing; Thermometer updated to 391 from annual meeting; companystore/index.html 11-05-11 rgm made 2012 dues live about/index.html 11-05-11 rgm Updated page to reflect 2012 dues & options for late in CY2011 index.html 10-21-11 rgm V7 I4 mail date added to news item; ballot details to Annual meeting news item index.html 10-13-11 rgm V7 I4 news item; publications/index.html 10-21-11 rgm Text/Html for V7 I4 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 10-13-11 jbm Cover image added ./V7 I4 cover.jpg ./V7 I4 cover1.jpg index.html 08-17-11 rgm Annual meeting announcement added; index.html 08-13-11 rgm 3rd Quarter meeting recap added drupal/ 08-13-11 rgm updates to test section - added V6I2-V7I3 added fb/twitter blocks; temp on bottom of main shell Norm Wolf added as beta tester index.html 08-13-11 rgm Changed CY2011 member total as of 8-12-11 (376) index.html 08-13-11 rgm moved twitter above officers, below address in menubar about/index.html 08-11-11 rgm Twitter feed link added to contact section; Show schedule updated: removed Ashland; Added December Richmond and January Fredericksburg publications/index.html 08-11-11 rgm twitter feed link added to menubar companystore/index.html index.html 08-10-11 rgm twitter feed link added to 3rd Q meeting announcement & added to menubar index.html 08-01-11 rgm V7 I3 mail date added to news item index.html 07-30-11 rgm V7 I3 news item; publications/index.html 07-30-11 rgm Text/Html for V7 I3 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 07-30-11 jbm Cover image added ./V7 I3 cover.jpg ./V7 I3 cover1.jpg index.html 05-12-11 rgm 3rd Quarter meeting announcement added; Web links for Bernard Kempinksi added to 2nd Quarter recap item; index.html 05-08-11 rgm 2nd Quarter meeting recap added index.html 04-28-11 rgm V7 I2 news item; publications/index.html 04-28-11 rgm Text/Html for V7 I2 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 04-22-11 jbm Cover image added ./V7 I2 cover.jpg ./V7 I2 cover1.jpg memberapplication.pdf 03-12-11 jbm Revised to include the 2011 membership classes, memberapplication.doc and make clear Family requires another full class. index.html 03-10-11 rgm meeting-regrets added to menubar; 2nd Q meeting announcement updated to reflect single room & the 3rd & 4th Q dates inserted as well about/index.html 03-09-11 rgm Recording-Archivist added to appointed roles; history section revised slightly (last paragraph); meeting-regrets address added in both sections where meeting-rsvp appeared; August 2011 Greenburg Chantilly train show added to list of CS shows in calendar section; index.html 03-08-11 rgm thermometer to reflect CY2011 renewals (340) publications/index.html 03-07-11 rgm menubar updated for Bill Gellerman as Treasurer collections/index.html 03-07-11 rgm menubar updated for Bill Gellerman as Treasurer Brian O'Donoghue as Recording Archivist. companystore/index.html 03-05-11 rh Corrections to all-back issues price (flat $100) about/index.html 03-05-11 rgm Bill Gellerman's name inserted for "vacant" on Treasurer/BOD index.html 03-05-11 rgm news items - 1st Q meeting recap & 2nd Q meeting announcement about/index.htm 03-03-11 rgm 2010 items updated for 2011 only index.html 03-02-11 rgm News item correcting newsletter insert error on Nov 11 mtg date Jewell book price updated for 2011; companystore/ 03-02-11 rgm Jewell book price updated for 2011; 2011 version of ./index.html order form uploaded ./orderform2011.xls index.html 02-26-11 rgm News item - passing of Jack Rizer 1st Q meeting agenda item added to mtg notice index.html 02-25-11 rgm V7 I1 news item; publications/index.html 02-25-11 rgm Text/Html for V7 I1 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 02-24-11 jbm Cover image added ./V7 I1 cover.jpg ./V7 I1 cover1.jpg index.html 02-22-11 rgm 1st Quarter notice added; index.html 12-17-10 rgm Paypal code corrected for new classes (C/F) companystore/index.html 12-17-10 rgm Paypal code corrected for new classes (C/F) index.html 12-16-10 rgm 2011 Dues section of CS page replicated to top of News section companystore/index.html 12-16-10 rgm Replicated bottom of page Dues html to top section, such that both now have all four classes; top 2011 had just been Regular & Sustaining. companystore/index.html 12-14-10 rgm Changed 2010 dues items to 2011 at top of page; 2010 back issues added to html at bottom of page ./orderform2010.xls 12-14-10 rgm order form update for 2011 dues classes, 2010 back issues companystore/index.html 11-07-10 rgm Updated for 2011 dues; 2 new member classes added as paypal options; Jewell book supply updated; 2010/2011 distinctions added in top menu, name ref added for 2011 dues at bottom; index.html 11-07-10 rgm 2010 Annual Meeting Results item; 2011 meeting dates item about/index.html 11-07-10 rgm Dues section/amounts updated for 2011 & new classes index.html 10-22-10 rgm V6I4 news item; Ballot details added publications/index.html 10-22-10 rgm Text/Html for V6 I4 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 10-21-10 jbm Cover image added ./V6 I4 cover.jpg ./V6 I4 cover1.jpg index.html 10-02-10 rgm 4th Quarter notice, bylaws amendments ballot added; index.html 08-22-10 rgm News item for Chantilly train show added to top; Nominations deadline added to 3rd Quarter recap documents/ 08-22-10 jbm 8-18 version corrected by JBM .MEMBERSHIPAPPLICATION.doc .MEMBERSHIPAPPLICATION.pdf documents/ 08-18-10 rgm Per RH request, added URL & Society Logo .MEMBERSHIPAPPLICATION.doc .MEMBERSHIPAPPLICATION.pdf index.html 08-13-10 rgm Added Regrets address to Annual meeting item; V6I3 item, highight paid for 2010 in red; Broke up the 3rd Quarter recap item into multiple paragraphs, Also corrected to Forty-One from Fourty-One; index.html 08-08-10 rgm 3rd quarter meeting recap; RailDay CS item with links/dirs; Annual meeting first announcement; index.html 08-03-10 rgm V6I3 news item; 3rd quarter meeting item corrected.s publications/index.html 08-03-10 rgm Text/Html for V6 I3 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 07-31-10 jbm Cover image added ./V6 I3 cover.jpg ./V6 I3 cover1.jpg about/index.html 06-26-10 rgm December Richmond Raceway Greenberg show added to show calendar index.html 06-26-10 rgm 3rd Quarter meeting announcement updated index.html 05-11-10 rgm 2nd quarter recap added index.html 05-11-10? rgm Show schedule news item - upcoming shows (Lynchburg, Greenberg, Ashland?, RCHRHS) about/index.html 05-10-10 rgm Show calendar - Lynchburg Railday & RCNRHS index.html 05-08-10 rgm paypal code added for Jewell Book companystore/index.html 05-08-10 rgm Jewell book added; menubar updated; 2010 order form ./orderform2010.xls ./cs20100508spread.jpg index.html 05-02-10 rgm newsletter actual mailout date index.html 04-28-10 rgm 2nd Q meeting news item edited to include Hubie Jewell's book. publications/ 04-28-10 jbm Cover image of Hubie Jewell's book ./Jewell Book Cover Image.jpg index.html 04-28-10 rgm V6I2 news item; publications/index.html 04-28-10 rgm Text/Html for V6 I2 added/made live publications/newsletter/ 04-28-10 jbm Cover image added ./V6 I2 cover.jpg ./V6 I2 cover1.jpg index.html 03-14-10 rgm 2nd Quarter announcement; 1st Quarter recap publications/index.html 03-14-10 rgm Top section updated to reflect 19 published issues. about/index.html 02-27-10 rgm OAL/Class 2 director updated from Ron Herfurth to Sam Williamson; CS events already passed commented out; Publications section updated to reflect 19 issues published; Salem Church section updated to read rest of 2010; publications/index.html 02-27-10 rgm App year changed from 2009 to 2010; Sam Williamson as OAL companystore/index.html collections/index.html index.html 02-27-10 rgm Ron Herfurth as OAL 2009 commented out; 2010 removed from Sam Williamson's name in same menu. index.html 02-27-10 rgm mail out date for V6I1 corrected to 2-19-10 (was 2-17-10) publications/index.html index.html 02-26-10 rgm 1st Q 2010 item updated, bumped above V6I1; Copied Salem Church street addy/google map image html from about page. index.html 02-18-10 rgm V6I1 news item; publications/index.html 02-18-10 rgm Text/Html for V6 I1 made live publications/newsletter/ 02-18-10 jbm Cover image added ./V6 I1 cover.jpg ./V6 I1 cover1.jpg index.html 01-14-10 rgm 1st Quarter 2010 news item added companystore/index.html 12-11-09 rgm 2009 membership year changed to 2010 for dues description 2009 issues added to back issues section; modified for 18 back issues. index.html 11-16-09 rgm 2010 Meeting Dates news item corrected - Nov 6. about/index.html 11-16-09 rgm November 2010 meeting date corrected - Nov 6; Salem Church Library street address, library website link and google map added to Salem Church Library section; index.html 11-14-09 rgm 2010 Meeting Dates news item 2009/2010 shows news item 2009 Annual Meeting summary news item 2010 Officer-at-Large added on left bar about/index.html 11-14-09 rgm 2010 Meeting Dates added; Fall 2009/2010 early Show calendar updated index.html 11-06-09 rgm V5I4 news item; 2009 annual meeting item updated publications/index.html 11-06-09 rgm Text/Html for V5 I4 made live publications/newsletter/ 11-06-09 jbm Cover image added ./V5 I4 cover.jpg ./V5 I4 cover1.jpg index.html 10-25-09 rgm 4th Q/Annual meeting item updated for correct directorships index.html 08-14-09 rgm Initial blurb 4th q meeting index.html 08-13-09 rgm V5I3 news item publications/index.html 08-13-09 rgm Text/Html for V5 I3 made live publications/newsletter/ 08-13-09 jbm Cover image added ./V5 I3 cover.jpg ./V5 I3 cover1.jpg companystore/orderform2008.xls 08-05-09 rgm copied some formatting from 2009 form to 2008 one for existing products; added membership blurb from 2009 to 2008; companystore/orderform2009.xls 08-05-09 rgm formatting worked on some... Max back issue shipping cost added 15% complete set discount added Membership added to Order form companystore/orderform2008.xls 08-05-09 rgm Vol IV issues corrected companystore/index.html 08-05-09 rgm new form linked companystore/orderform2009.xls 08-04-09 rgm form updated to include mugs, blue shirts, Vol IV issues (I1-I2-I3 @ 10$, I4 @ 5$) companystore/index.html 08-04-09 rgm Caboose section reworded; advance reservation bit removed; quantity remaining bit added companystore/index.html 08-04-09 rgm Membership Dues item copied to top of list; Added to top menu table; Section Description expanded quite a bit. companystore/index.html 08-04-09 rgm Acted on RH request to change Wilkerson description to acknowledge that Fredericksburg print is available directly from Keith. index.html 08-04-09 rgm draft text for member-announce list added in a name = listserv section. collections/index.html 08-04-09 rgm copyright date to 2009; collectioms/index.html 08-03-09 rgm meta from main index.html copied & added; Section about online access added; Slight modification of 501(c)(3) section companystore/index.html 08-03-09 rgm meta from main index.html copied & added about/index.html 08-03-09 rgm meta from main index.html copied & added companystore/index.html 08-02-09 rgm 1989 logo mugs uncommented; mention of 1949 logo mugs publications/ 08-02-09 jer Membership number updated to 8-2-09 figure of 357 companystore/ collections/ index.html about/index.html 08-02-09 rgm Separate listing for Directors created, in advance (Contact section) of having the five no longer be the same five as the EC after elections at the 2009 annual meeting, with Ron Herfurth not continuing as Officer at Large; Also, added Bill Gellerman as nominations chairman to the list of appointed offices; corrected spelling of Archivist in label (email addy/link was previously ok) about/index.html 08-02-09 rgm Added January 2-3, 2010 Chantilly Greenberg Show (Calendar section) Corrected "Quaterly" to "Quarterly" in calendar section publications/index.html 08-02-09 rgm top paragraph updated to include 2008 issue spread about/index.html 08-01-09 rgm Company Store item edited extensively to reflect the current depth of operations; added CS Road debut table box to about page item. publications/index.html 08-01-09 rgm Menubar application year corrected to 2009 companystore/index.html 07-29-09 rgm Centennial Issue cover image finally linked, had been unlinked in publications/newsletter/ dir.; Application year in menubar changed to 2009 index.html 07-28-09 rgm 3rd Q meeting notice bumped to top; Application year in menubar changed to 2009 index.html 07-25-09 rgm News items 10/22/2007 to 05/01/2008 moved to news/index.html news/index.html drupal notes --> News items to 05/01/08 entered into drupal as stories index.html 07-25-09 rgm News items 05/12/2007 to 10/22/2007 moved to news/index.html news/index.html drupal notes --> News items to 10/22/07 entered into drupal as stories about/index.html 07-14-09 rgm Director class years updated in contact section; it had been last updated before class 1 was renewed in 2008. New last update for each section added for contacts & publications publications section revised to reflect 16 issues published. index.html 07-14-09 rgm Top news item edited; update added to ask for broken links remaining to be emailed to "webmaster@..." companystore/index.html 07-11-09 rgm "" changed to "suggestons@..." "" changed to "csmanager@..." drupal/ 07-11-09 rgm Drupal installed, for test use as News archive. Most news posts from oldindex copied over for look. news/oldindex.html 07-11-09 rgm Additional cleanup to match format index.html 07-10-09 rgm news items older than May 11, 2007 archived to news directory (Includes one item from May 12, 2007 but not all) news/index.html 07-10-09 rgm minor formatting corrections on some April-May 2005 items; November 2006 through May 12, 2007 items archived from main page news/oldindex.html 07-10-09 rgm 2nd page of news archive reformatted to match the format of the 1st page news archive and the main page. index.html 07-10-09 rgm news item for site move added whole site 07-10-09 rgm Whole site moved to hosted site with native domain about/index.html 06-25-09 rgm Page updated for 2009. It had not been changed since August 20, 2008 (GASP) - Salem Church library reopening, 2009 meeting calendar, 2009 show calendar, etc. index.html 06-24-09 rgm Blue shirt CS news item Advance notice August 15 2009 meeting date news item companystore/index.html 06-24-09 rgm Blue shirt image, CS item, paypal button, menu added ./blueshirt2i.jpg index.html 06-19-09 rgm V5I2 news item publications/index.html 06-19-09 rgm Text/Html for V5 I1 made live publications/newsletter/ 06-21-09 jbm Cover image added ./V5 I2 cover.jpg ./V5 I2 cover1.jpg index.html 05-28-09 rgm 2nd q 2009 meeting date news item publications/index.html 03-31-09 rgm Text/Html for V5 I1 made live publications/newsletter/ 03-20-09 jbm Cover image added ./V5 I1 cover.jpg ./V5 I1 cover1.jpg index.html 02-11-09 rgm 1st q 2009 meeting date news item companystore/index.html 01-01-09 rgm Back issues complete set pp moved in front of the individual years; 2008 changed to 2009 in the membership section. companystore/index.html 01-01-09 rgm Back issues updated to include VOL 4. 31.50 for VOL 4; 85.00 for all 14 (vol 1, 2, 3 & 4) publications/index.html 11-02-08 rgm Text/Html for V4 I4 made live publications/newsletter/ 11-02-08 jbm Cover image added ./V4 I4 cover.jpg ./V4 I4 cover1.jpg index.html 11-02-08 rgm Annual Meeting item bumped to top. V4 I4 Html made live index.html 10-31-08 rgm V4 I4 Html added publications/index.html 10-31-08 rgm Text/Html for V4 I4 added index.html 10-01-08 rgm Meeting announcement for Annual meeting added index.html 08-24-08 rgm Chantilly results news item added; Pre-show post commented out index.html 08-24-08 rgm Menubar Member Thermometer now 352 (Old 337 +2 renewal, +13 new) collections/index.html (Chantilly 1pm Sat-thru Sunday) companystore/index.html publications/index.html index.html 08-23-08 rgm Menubar Member Thermometer now 337 (Old 331 +5 renewal, +1 new) collections/index.html (Mail 8-23 + Chantilly thru 1pm Sat) companystore/index.html publications/index.html collections/index.html 08-20-08 rgm Menubar Application link changed to include PDF app companystore/index.html publications/index.html index.html 08-20-08 rgm Menubar Member Thermometer revised to 2008 Paid collections/index.html companystore/index.html publications/index.html about/index.html 08-20-08 rgm Newest History paragraph corrected (re member totals) about/index.html 08-16-08 rgm Dates for Greenberg Chantilly added in (events list) RSVP/Regrets paragraph revised Harrison Road addy and PDF link added in Clarifications on director Class 1, Class 2. New paragraph added to the history section index.html 08-16-08 rgm Coffee/Tea mug news item added, commented out 3rd Q meeting summary added companystore/index.html 08-16-08 rgm Coffee/Tea mug added, commented out pending item photo index.html 08-14-08 rgm harrisonroad.doc replaced with harrisonroad.pdf index.html 08-14-08 rgm V4 I3 item uncommented, mail date of August 14 confirmed index.html 08-13-08 rgm html for V4 I3 mailing announcement added Link to Spotsylvania County page for Harrison Road Center & their map added to 7-14-08 3rd Q Mtg item about/harrisonroad.doc 08-13-08 jbm Direction Flyer that went out in V4 I2 for Aug & Nov meetings uploaded; linked from main page. publications/index.html 08-13-08 rgm Text/Html for V4 I3 added publications/newsletter/ 08-13-08 jbm Cover image added ./V4 I3 cover.jpg ./V4 I3 cover1.jpg index.html 08-07-08 rgm Street address for Harrison Road added, along with meeting-rsvp address to 7-14 3rd quarter meeting announcement index.html 07-14-08 rgm August meeting date, site info, rough directions added index.html 06-30-08 rgm News item for August Chantilly shows added index.html 05-30-08 rgm Summary of May 17 meeting added index.html 05-06-08 rgm May 17 meeting time added (10am); V4:I2 mailout notice added about/index.html 05-06-08 jbm updated PDF for Chancellor with time publications/index.html 05-06-08 rgm HTML for V4I2 added ./newsletter/v4 i2 cover.jpg jbm Cover image uploaded companystore/index.html link to cover image of 4:2 index.html 04-15-08 rgm Full address of May 17 meeting location added about/index.html 04-15-08 rgm Address for Chancellor added; Feb removed about/chancellor.pdf 04-15-08 jbm Directions PDF added companystore/index.html 04-15-08 rgm 15% discount for complete back issues set added to text (button to be added) index.html 02-11-08 rgm News item for Dietz book added companystore/Firing1.jpg 02-11-08 jbm Cover image of Dietz book added index.html 02-11-08 rgm V3:I4 mailout & links added. Paypal item added (dated 2-12-08) Red Caboose noted in; Paypal buttons added to news item companystore/index.html 02-11-08 rgm Paypal noted as available option; PDF order form link at top of page; Added section for Paul C. Dietz book; Added Dietz & Red Caboose into top menu & internal page links cs-cart-index.html made into new index.html; old index archived as oldindex20080211.html publications/ 02-11-08 rgm V4 I1 summary added thanks to Jim Musgrove ./index.html ./newsletter/V4 I1 cover.jpg jbm Cover image courtesy of Jim Musgrove ./newsletter/V4 I1 cover1.jpg index.html 02-11-08 rgm Status of 903/906 as in added companystore/cs-cart-index.html 02-11-08 rgm Draft CS page updated with Caboose 903/906 & new PDF order form companystore/index.html 02-11-08 rgm Status of 903/906 Cabooses as in; link to PDF order form. companystore/rfpstoreform08.pdf 02-09-08 grp PDF copy of order form from George Payne uploaded index.html 02-07-08 rgm News item about no 1st quarter meeting added companystore/cs-cart-index.html 01-03-08 rgm Draft CS page with integrated Paypal cart buttons publications/index.html 01-02-08 rgm Menubar updated for 2008; Lead paragraph updated to reflect 2007 issues in past tense; Disclaimer sentence about all four issues for the CY being received regardless of when joined made bold italic. collections/index.html 01-02-08 rgm menubar updated for 2008; Software/Hardware status updated to reflect purchase of both about/index.html 01-02-08 rgm Calendar updated; dues section updated to reflect 2008 dues companystore/index.html 01-02-08 rgm Back issues for 2007 updated to reflect cover prices ./orderform2008.xls Also, order form renamed to orderform2008.xls index.html 01-02-08 rgm Updated for 2008 dues; news item on 2008 meeting locations companystore/index.html 12-25-07 rgm Section on 903/906 caboose run added index.html 12-25-07 rgm Thermometer updated Red caboose photos added companystore/redcaboose/ 12-25-07 rgm directory created ./rfp906a.jpg Images uploaded of preproduction model ./rfp906b.jpg index.html 12-22-07 rgm News Item for 12-29/30 Chantilly show updated index.html 11-20-07 rgm News item for Dec 29-30 Chantilly show added index.html 10-22-07 rgm Annual meeting details added including map of Dorothy Hart center; V3:I4 mailout & links added. companystore/index.html 10-22-07 rgm html for V3 I4 made live. publications/ 10-22-07 rgm V3 I4 summary added thanks to Jim Musgrove ./index.html ./newsletter/V3 I4 cover.jpg jbm Cover image courtesy of Jim Musgrove ./newsletter/V3 I4 cover1.jpg about/index.html 08-22-07 rgm Calendar portion updated to reflect current time past 3rd Q meeting but before August Chantilly. The days for the two Greenberg shows entered in. companystore/index.html 08-22-07 rgm "Supplies Limited" about Volume 1's issues. index.html 08-20-07 rgm News updated for notice of Chantilly show table; pre-3rd Q meeting item commented out. index.html 08-16-07 rgm News updated for brief recap of 8-11-07 meeting. companystore/index.html 08-09-07 rgm Back issues 10% discount for members ordering full volumes added ./orderform2007.xls index.html 07-23-07 rgm 3rd quarter meeting news item updated to reflect 3 wks to go V3 I3 cover image, mail-out story added companystore/index.html 07-23-07 rgm html for V3 I3 made live. publications/ 07-23-07 rgm V3 I3 summary added thanks to Jim Musgrove ./index.html ./newsletter/V3 I3 cover.jpg jbm Cover image courtesy of Jim Musgrove ./newsletter/V3 I3 cover1.jpg index.html 07-01-07 rgm Results from ACLSAL convention news item index.html 06-10-07 rgm ACLSAL convention attendance news item companystore/index.html 05-19-07 rgm Shipping prices increased due to postage rate increas ./orderform2007.xls PY centennial issue added to order form Zippered hooded sweat added to order form index.html 05-13-07 rgm An events calendar added on the about page, and linked about/index.html from main page - about/index.html#calendar First version has quarterly meetings and train shows index.html 05-12-07 rgm 2nd Quarter 2007 meeting recap added 3rd quarter 2007 date announcement added Thermometer corrected to 304 address added to left menubar about/index.html 05-11-07 rgm address added publications/index.html 05-01-07 rgm 3:2 cover image uploaded, made live companystore/index.html index.html index.html 03-13-07 rgm PDF application linked from menubar documents/ ./MEMBERSHIPAPPLICATION.pdf 03-12-07 jbm Application restored in PDF format index.html 03-03-07 rgm Typo on date for May meeting in news item body corrected publications/index.html 01-24-07 rgm spelling error on "Summary" corrected publications/index.html 01-23-07 rgm 3:1 cover image uploaded, made live collections/index.html 01-21-07 rgm Menubar updated for 2007, 290 members Text about funding for software in CY2007 budget added news/index.html 01-21-07 rgm Links corrected on archived items from 1-20's archive about/index.html 01-21-07 rgm Publications section updated to reflect current issue status. Contact section updated to be post-2006 election (directors explanation) companystore/index.html 01-21-07 rgm Centennial Issue Potomac Yard Final Edition added publications/index.html 01-20-07 rgm html shell for Volume 3, Issue 1 inserted. menubar updated (Thermometer, application) companystore/index.html 01-20-07 rgm html format for 2007 issues inserted, commented out Reworked intro paragraph! news/index.html 01-20-07 rgm News earlier than the 2006 Annual Meeting summary archived about/index.html 01-20-07 rgm end of year section edited for end of 2007, commented out for now All 2006 verbiage updated to 2007 index.html 01-20-07 rgm 1st Q 2007 reminder Timonium Reminder Thermometer to 290 (2006 qualification removed) Removed 2006 from application link. Archived old news. index.html 01-05-07 rgm GTE CHantilly report added companystore/index.html 01-05-07 rgm CS Order form link corrected ./orderform2007.xls New order form added. index.html 12-29-06 rgm Thermometer upped index.html 12-21-06 rgm 8 new members from GTE Richmond Bumped news item for GTE Chantilly to top index.html 12-12-06 rgm 2007 meeting dates as news item index.html 12-04-06 rgm +11 new members at SMV Preview of Richmond GTE show index.html 12-01-06 rgm +2 new members 2007 +11 renewals 2007 (103 total 2007) index.html 11-22-06 rgm Coming soon from Company store link removed! companystore/index.html 11-22-06 rgm hat image added, front and back index.html 11-21-06 rgm News bit reminder about the SMV show index.html 11-19-06 rgm Thermometer +1 for 06, +4 new 07s companystore/index.html 11-18-06 rgm Hats section made live (photo coming) Sweatshirt portion to be added. index.html 11-18-06 rgm renewal progress news item added Updated annual meeting summary. index.html 11-16-06 rgm 5 more renewals (86 total for 2007) 81 total for 2007 as of 11-12 (78 renew, 3 2007 only) index.html 11-11-06 rgm Summary recap added at least 3 more renewals companystore/index.html 11-11-06 rgm Mousepad added ./mousepad1a.gif index.html 11-10-06 rgm 7 more renewals, 68 total index.html 11-09-06 rgm 12 more renewals, 61 total index.html 11-08-06 rgm 37 renewals for 2007 noted, added to prior 12 makes 49 publications/index.html 10-23-06 jbm Cover Image Issue 6 (Vol 2, Issue 4) ./newsletter/V2 I4 cover.jpg Jim's writeup added as well. ./newsletter/V2 I4 cover1.jpg companystore/index.html 10-23-06 rgm V2I4 html uncommented in back issues index.html 10-23-06 rgm Mailout text added for V2I4 index.html 10-15-06 rgm Thermometer to 222 (+1R) index.html 10-12-06 rgm Thermometer to 221 (+1S, +1R) about/index.html 10-09-06 rgm New members joining in last quarter will default index.html to 2007 only unless otherwise requested on Application - Option is 2007 only or paying for 2006 and 2007. companystore/index.html 10-09-06 rgm Menubar updated to reflect the 219 number publications/index.html collections/index.html index.html 10-06-06 rgm Thermometer to 219 as of 10-6-06 index.html 10-05-06 rgm Summaries of 9-30 PY event; Newsletter preannounce; Advance notes for 11-11 Annual meeting. index.html 10-03-06 rgm Thermometer corrected to 218 as of 9-30 (5 new members that day) companystore/index.html 09-30-06 rgm added "" email for product ideas index.html 09-30-06 rgm Thermometer to 217 index.html 09-19-06 rgm Photo from GTE chantilly used in CS opening news item companystore/index.html 09-19-06 rgm Added csinaction082706a.jpg image from GTE Chantilly companystore/ 09-19-06 rgm Photo from table at GTE Chantilly 08-27-06 added ./csinaction082706a.jpg companystore/index.html 09-17-06 rgm Corrected out V2I4, not yet produced. 9-16-06 note - all updates while away uploaded index.html 09-16-06 rgm Thermometer to 213 companystore/index.html publications/index.html thermometer.html collections/index.html companystore/index.html 09-16-06 rgm Added that orders can be sent in w/o order form. index.html 09-16-06 rgm Thermometer to 209 as of 9-9 news/oldindex.html 09-15-06 rgm ", Inc." added to title; "Old News Archive" from "News" Link back to main news archive at bottom Removed link back to Replicated main news archive logo, the LNS map in a circle Replaced aol addy with addy at bottom Added top links back to news archive & main pages companystore/index.html 09-15-06 rgm Turned print title red in text; turned volume years red Added print title to the line item for wilkerson print at top of page news/index.html 09-15-06 rgm Uncommented some items previously commented before archival Replaced aol addy with addy at bottom index.html 09-15-06 rgm ran page through spell check - corrected several it's to its in Yahoogroup mission paragraph Changed link at bottom of news section to link to Society News Archive instead of just Society news. news/index.html 09-14-06 rgm Added link back to main page at top of page for news newer than the archive date; Added "archive" after "news" in page heading links/ 09-14-06 rgm folder created ./index.html File created from CS page form, menubar (Intent is to cull links from trainweb to Society side) (Can start with orgs part of resource/index.html) index.html 09-14-06 rgm Name full out at top; reduced to font size 6 to fit With new CS item at top of news, removed image from 8-19 update collections/index.html 09-14-06 rgm Added Society Corporate records as part of Archives Menubar: CS link made live; blank offsite items removed Top title- full society name Society Logo added in middle of top images publications/index.html 09-14-06 rgm Completed reorder of menubar; added CS page link also removed two unused section of the offsite table Added LNS italicized title below hr line at top of page Added CS link in opening paragraph at end with existing CS text Added Society logo to top of page, in between 49 nose logo and the F7 ABBAs. Made top title full society name Revised opening paragraph; set off last sentence as standalone paragraph about/index.html 09-14-06 rgm Adjusted the title - tried full name, but settled on "About the Society" instead of partial initials. Full initials is a possibility Rewording of Archives subsection -poll- should the about page have menubar? update.html 09-14-06 rgm Added initials of EC at bottom since several have been used in prior items Also added standard bottom copyright bar Made title at top full Society name; broken page title on the 2nd line now, same size. companystore/index.html 09-13-06 rgm Menubar updates: Standardization of "Society News Archive" Live link to Archives page Thermometer to 208 Contact link now to About page Reordered main About link to top, News to bottom Made Prices bold Added item table as an Item summary at top with hyperinks in page Removed F7 ABBA photo at top; replaced with Society Logo Made Item headings red in color Made title full name instead of RF&P initials Changed opening description to be in present not future Copied "Disclaimer" to the end under order form section about/index.html 09-13-06 rgm Link to archives page added in Archives section publications/index.html 09-13-06 rgm Menubar updates: Standardization of "Society News Archive" Live link to Archives page companystore/orderform 09-13-06 rgm Draft excel order form worked on; Added S&H text: $3.50 for each print; $3.50 for all other items + $1 for each additional index.html 09-13-06 rgm Archives link made live collections/index.html 09-13-06 rgm Draft Archives page revisited: Menubar updated to current 208; Making "About" link live; making contact link to about page Removal of renewal application link and 2005 application links. Correction of current application links Bottom bar updates to include removal of trainweb link & adding of ", Inc." Added :Archives Contacts: section at bottom of main body. Revised intermediary text extensively now broken down into sections resource/index.html 09-13-06 rgm Changed reference to to mean thorough detail Noted LQ and MRRing articles added 9-12-06 Changed "Orgs" to "Related Organizations" (thought of removing section completely) (Focus of page being publications) Added h2 tagged title to Magazine Article section Lengthened former h3 title books to new h2 title books with RF&P as primary focus Made h3 Video tag h2. Reordered top menubar to Add videos after books, and move models to end Some magazines are oldest to newest; others vice-versa. Need to address. Made magazine column #4 into "Author/Notes" from "Notes" Made top menubar set off the trainweb portions with bordered table about/index.html 09-12-06 rgm "Return to top" link added after CS, archives, contact sections Dues option after Annual meeting added resource/ 09-12-06 rgm directory created for draft move of trainweb pages below: ./index.html Moved from trainweb/rf&p/archive/index.html added May 2006 Model Railroading Magazine article added format line for PY book added ", Inc." in Society link at bottom removed 1st person quip after books; mentioned review at Q mtgs ./exist.html Moved from trainweb/rf&p/archive/exist.html ./model.html Moved from trainweb/rf&p/archive/model.html index.html 09-12-06 rgm reordered menubar thermometer.html 09-11-06 rgm Culled some intermediate numbers from EC emails/rosters companystore/index.html 09-11-06 rgm Print section revised to include title of print; F7 print reference reduced to single sentence, with "May" commented out secton about commissioning third painting "birthday" changed to "anniversary" in the above section per WcS added commented sentence about nos 101-200 reserved for CMs Removed Model Editor reference from CS contacts Added 2006 issue cover links in Back issue section Moved "Other" section to bottom Added cover price to back issues/PY Issue and mentioned 2006 issues included in 2006 membership Shirts - clarified description is as worn (and not looking at) ", Inc." added in bottom copyright notice index.html 09-11-06 rgm CS preview uncommented Fall 2006 show schedule uncommented (see 9-6) EOY member goal updated to 250 about/index.html 09-11-06 rgm CS manager added to contact list; Errant omission of model editor rectified Notes about director terms added under EC, after phrase "Each of the five are initial directors" Link to image of 602 print added in CS section, and mention of Society-logo'ed shirts added as well. Mention of 200 member mark in brief history section Some work on the dues section - bolded "calendar year basis"; worked on some draft text for late year joiners, but commented out Added EC's recommendation that 2007 dues remain unchanged. Publications section noting temporary title - "Linking North and South" thermometer.html 09-10-06 rgm 8-05 thru 9-06 numbers added - culled from this update page publications/index.html 09-10-06 rgm Html cleanup; structure for 2:4 added, ready for Summary news/index.html 09-10-06 rgm Links corrected post-archive (different directory level) companystore/index.html 09-10-06 rgm Society logo image added to shirts section corrected link to update page index.html 09-07-06 rgm Thermometer to 208 (2S, 1R new) index.html 09-06-06 rgm Upcoming show schedule added as news item companystore/index.html 08-31-06 rgm Long sleeve shirt option added index.html 08-31-06 rgm Advance notice of Annual meeting date index.html 08-30-06 rgm Changed news link to "RF&PRRHS News Archive" from "RF&P Historical Society News" Thermometer to 205 + 1 2007 only companystore/index.html 08-28-06 rgm PY issue added as standalone item index.html 08-28-06 rgm Archived all news to news page through 8-27 news/index.html Removed news older than June 9, 06 from main index. removed photo archive link from menubar index.html 08-27-06 rgm Thermometer to 203! index.html 08-26-06 rgm Thermometer to 179 companystore/index.html 08-23-06 rgm more corrections added index.html 08-21-06 rgm News item re; Chantilly GTE show 8-26/27 added companystore/index.html 08-21-06 rgm Draft page updated, 602 print image; shirts image index.html 08-20-06 rgm Short summary 3rd Quarter Meeting added; Thermometer to 177 index.html 08-09-06 rgm V2:I3 added publications/index.html summary, photo of 2:3 added. index.html 07-31-06 rgm Thermometer to 173 index.html 06-24-06 rgm Thermometer to 156, 105R, 51S publications/index.html 06-23-06 rgm Menubar updated to show 152 members, about page link documents/ 06-23-06 gap Application version updated, version of 6-14-06 ./MEMBERSHIPAPPLICATION.doc index.html 06-22-06 rgm Thermometer to 152: 101R, 51S index.html 06-21-06 rgm "about" page link made live index.html 06-16-06 rgm thermometer to 151: 100R 51S index.html 06-16-06 rgm over the hump news item thermometer to 150, 100R, 50S about/index.html 06-14-06 rgm Added Incorporation-501(c)(3) section to brief history index.html 06-14-06 rgm Thermometer to 148 (49S, 99R) Statement of July 1 goal of 150 and end of year goal of 200 news/index.html 06-11-06 rgm News since last update (1-22-06) added to news archive page index.html 06-11-06 rgm Revised META keywords on main page + http forward index.html 06-10-06 rgm Thermometer to 146 (48S, 98R) index.html 06-09-06 rgm News item: 501(c)(3) letter received! about/index.html 06-09-06 rgm Revised content on draft About page, including new sections for Company store, archives & 501(c)(3) status index.html 06-08-06 rgm Thermometer to 144 (48S, 96R) index.html 06-03-06 rgm Updated for results of Manassas Railfest index.html 05-31-06 rgm Railpace ad Page # added. index.html 05-26-06 rgm Thermometer corrected to 140 Added Railfest table news item Added June 2006 Railpace news item index.html 05-21-06 rgm Fixed broken html for logo on 4-20 entry, commented it out, and inserted new text dated 5-20 stating its official adoption. index.html 05-17-06 rgm FIXED! the accidental upload of the company store page into the root directory has been rectified. index.html 05-14-06 rgm One Year birthday! companystore/index.html 05-14-06 rgm Quick intro pp changes, including addition of (not live) a disclaimer pp about shipping time (up to 4 wks) and limitation on receiving only chks or MOs by mail index.html 05-14-06 rgm Quick summary of 5-13 member and EC meetings index.html 05-12-06 rgm Thermometer to 132 documents/ 05-10-06 rgm Rectified old version not being updated MEMBERSHIPAPPLICATION.doc publications/index.html 04-24-06 rgm V2:I2 section made live index.html 04-24-06 rgm V2:I2 text made live Issue of trains corrected to June 06 issue update added mentioning location of ad html cleanup in logo news item publications/index.html 04-20-06 rgm Readied for V2:I2, only need to remove comments When cover image is ready index.html 04-20-06 rgm link to larger Logo added in body index.html 04-19-06 rgm revised image draft society logo implemented about/ 04-15-06 EC EC looking at draft for content revisions. ** page not yet live ** index.html 04-15-06 rgm Draft society logo added as news item; Also, gif of draft used at top of page in place of 49 nose logo cleanedgifs/rfp1_2.jpg 04-15-06 JER/JBM Draft society logo added in JPG and cleanedgifs/rfp1_2.gif transparent gif formats index.html 04-14-06 rgm Older bits of news commented out index.html 04-13-06 rgm Several news items added index.html 02-15-06 rgm News item of Incorporation added ", Inc." added to Society name news/ 01-22-06 rgm Old news bits from main page archived here index.html 01-22-06 rgm Brief summary of 1st Q 2006 meeting added Old news cleaned up, moved to news Additional spots created on left menu for company store page collections 01-19-06 rgm same as companystore note below companystore 01-19-06 rgm draft page corrected to have publications link live index.html 01-19-06 rgm 1-21 meeting quip changed to note Andersons' absence companystore 01-18-06 rgm directory created; shell html index.html created index.html 01-18-06 rgm made link in V2I1 news item to publciations, rather than simply the cover image publications 01-17-06 jbm Summary of V2 I1 contents on publications page publications 01-16-06 rgm Cover image, summary of Issue 3 (V2, I1) added index.html 01-16-06 rgm Cover image, mailout news date added Thermometer to 118 (113 charter) index.html 01-05-06 rgm Corrected thermometer to 111 (AM) Updated thermometer to 112 (PM) index.html 01-03-06 rgm Thermometer to 110 as of 1-3-06 Charter deadline has passed notice index.html 12-19-05 rgm Thermometer to 107 index.html 12-18-05 rgm renewal notice mailing out posted index.html 12-17-05 rgm Thermometer to 103 as ot 12-17 index.html 12-13-05 rgm Thermometer to 101 as of 12-13! index.html 12-11-05 rgm Thermometer to 98 as of 12-10 index,html 12-10-05 rgm 2006 Apps made live Charter deadline corrected to "postmarked by" index.html 12-09-05 rgm Publications page goes Live about/index.html 12-07-05 rgm Sections added on Elections, Library info, (directions), Publications, Meeting frequency publications/index.html 12-07-05 rgm THanks to Jim Musgrove for issue detail about/index.html 12-03-05 rgm Minor changes made to 6-13 draft index.htm 12-04-05 rgm Thermometer to 96 as of 12-4 index.html 12-03-05 rgm Added mailto: for Archivist Russ Dolbear 2006 Application links added collections/index.html 12-03-05 rgm Draft page created, based on publications format publications/index.html 12-02-05 rgm Draft page created, highlighting Volume 1 index.html 12-02-05 rgm Thermometer to 94 news/index.html 11-30-05 rgm Main page news items transferred to news archive (not yet deleted from main index tho) index.html 11-29-05 rgm Thermometer to 93 Pre-announcement of 1-21-06 meeting index.html 11-20-05 rgm Thermometer to 92 index.html 11-13-05 rgm Thermometer to 90 index.html 11-06-05 rgm Notes about 2006 dues being $20R/$30S Thermometer to 82 Brief notes of Annual Meeting Brief note of next meeting - 1-21-06 index.html 10-21-05 jbm Cover image Issue #2 rgm Note that members who did not get ballot may vote in person 11-5 index.html 10-20-05 rgm Newsletter, ballots mailed added; Ballot instructions reiterated Member thermometer updated to 71 index.html 9-18-05 rgm Member thermometer updated to reflect 63 paid members index.html 9-16-05 rgm Thanks to Russ Dolbear for noting the "friday" error on the November 5th day being a Saturday! index.html 8-21-05 rgm 3rd quarter text corrected, second font tag inserted so text shows correctly. index.html 8-20-05 rgm 3rd quarter brief summary posted, along with 2006 meeting dates index.html 8-18-05 rgm 3rd Quarter announcement revised & moved to top index.html 8-7-05 rgm Thermometer up to 51 NEWSLETTER COVER 8-1-05 jbm Image of Vol 1, Issue 1 cover index.html 7-30-05 rgm Thermometer up to 47 7-30-05 rgm icon set for domain index.html 7-28-05 rgm old thumbnail, in use since 1995, taken off in favor of others. The one in prior use had, subsequent to its use here, been registered with the USPTO by the Science Museum of Virginia. index.html 7-24-05 rgm notice of Issue 1 mailing added index.html 7-23-05 rgm Thermometer to 45 index.html 7-4-05 rgm Thermometer to 41 members index.html 6-18-05 rgm Thermometer updated to 38 members index.html 6-17-05 rgm headline corrected to read: "Charter Membership deadline set: December 31, 2005 postmark cutoff" index.html 6-14-05 rgm Manufacturer Liaison added to contact section membership count corrected to 35 from 33 index.html 6-13-05 rgm Text of charter deadline notice shaped a little; Newsletters for 2005 added to that section about/index.html 6-12-05 rgm Further edits made to the draft page, including moving the officer/committee chair list to a two column one. Also, changes made as to benefits section More refined, closer, but not quite ready, to debut. index.html 6-12-05 rgm Membership application links noted to be the 2005 one. 6-11-05 rgm banner text across the bottom changed to have charter cutoff date & Aug 20 date announcement Also, menubar links for society changed to 6-11-05 rgm Even though its over on the portion -- added the Rappahannock Chapter NRHS website link (name had already been in the list) news/index.html 6-11-05 rgm Brief summary of 6-11-05 Exec committee meeting added - charter cutoff mentioned, with more details to follow index.html 6-11-05 rgm text thermometer updated, contact section moved to left side below menu; Yahoo move notice moved out of table to take full width of page index.html 6-02-05 rgm text thermometer updated index.html 5-30-05 rgm image of F7 1103 leading ABBA set at AF added to main mast, logo shifted to table box under name cleanedgifs/ 5-30-05 rgm Additional gifs cleaned up and uploaded for use ./49nose-pass.gif in various pages. ./83nose2.gif ./rwl22.gif ./sfa-rwl.gif index.html 5-29-05 rgm themometer updated to 27 as of 5-28 Also, the links in the menu on left separated out to be identified as such news/index.html 5-29-05 rgm Brief announcement of the first Exec meeting on News page index.html 5-24-05 rgm Snapshot membership thermometer added; update.html link corrected from updates.html news/index.html 5-19-05 rgm image on page changed to circular LNS image index.html 5-19-05 rgm image on page changed to RWL triangle w/loco cleanedgifs/ 5-19-05 rgm images from old logos directory cleaned up to ./rfplns2a.gif transparent black ./rfplns6b.gif ./rwl17.gif ./rwl18.gif ./rwl19.gif ./rwl19a.gif ./rwl2i.gif memberapplication.doc 5-19-2005 rgm logoes cleaned up to be transparent, no haze RFP memberapplication.pdf 5-16-2005 rgm PDF format membership application uploaded index.html 5-16-2005 rgm corrected to a mailto: tag news/index.html for both main index & news pages for 5-14-05 report memberapplication.doc 5-15-2005 rgm word format membership application uploaded news/ 5-15-2005 rgm News pages updated to reflect results of 5-14-05 ./index.html Prelim Aug 20 announcement included; older ./oldindex.html results & announcements moved to oldindex.html index.html 5-15-2005 rgm Updated to reflect results of 5-14-05 meeting update.html 5-15-2005 rgm This file borrowed from (run by rgm) and modified to make it easier to see what has been changed by whom on the web team Return to the main page

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Add to the top of the above table, so that the most recent updates are shown first. The list of updates should be archived every so often as to keep the size of this file down to a managable level. (In the past, the archive was broken down by semester. One such archive is noted below. Check this file first before you work on any archived files, so you can be sure you have the latest version. You need not include this file to the list at top if you are merely adding other files-- just change the last updated line at the top of the file. Any changes to the text portions of this file would warrant such a listing. It is not formatted in html even though it carries the tag. It does have the html body commands found in most of the pages on the PSMRC site. Also, kindly add links to the main page of a directory, such as the photo pages or important subpages, such as the examples above. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Index of initials of updaters/referenced individuals: (Otherwise known as the RF&PRRHS Web committee) R H = Ron Herfurth JWH = Jeff Hess RGM = Rob McKeever JBM = Jim Musgrove GAP = George Payne JER = Jack Rizer WCS = Bill Sheild (listed in alphebetical order) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Some RF&P Web history: The RF&P web presence began in the late fall of 1994 as simply a photo page attached to the Penn State Model Railroad Club website. It found itself being hosted on a penn state server, was moved to trainweb in 1997 when space became a limitation, saw the creation of a e-mail listserve in April 1998, and saw things begin to move toward a formal Historical Society in late 2003, cuminating with an on-the-ground meeting on May 1, 2004. April 2004 saw the move from PSU listserver to Yahoogroups, and almost tripling in membership in a year -- from 70 to 200 subscribers. =======================================================================================

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