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  • Society Publications

    Linking North and South

    At present, the Society's main publication is a Quarterly newsletter, "Linking North and South". Thirty-six issues have been published to date, with Volume 1 consisting of two 16-page issues in 2005. Volume 2 had three 16-page issues and one 32-page issue. 2007 had two 16-page issues and a 32 page issue, along with a 16 page all-color issue. 2008 had one 16-page issue, two 32-page issues and one color issue. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 had four issues as well. 2014 and beyond will also have four issues per year. Each year's membership dues carry that year's four issues, regardless of when in the year a member joins, and regardless of the aggregate cover price.

    Non-current issues are available for purchase in the Society's Company Store.

    Other original publications may occur in the future, as was the case with the collaborative effort with Potomac Yard Development in 2006 on the 100th anniversary of Potomac Yard (now sold out). Currently available through the Company Store are Hubert Jewell's Working on the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac (2010) and James E. Foley's Potomac Yard: The Gateway Between the North and the South (2013).

    Volume 10, Issue 2 Volume 10, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2014

    This issue contains several subjects. The first is about S. B. Rice, a person who held many of the most important engineering positions with the railroad, who recalls the RF&P's early years. The second describes the RF&P's gravel washing plant that was located at Massaponax, Virginia, and has several detailed drawings that should enable modelers to construct one. The last article is S. B. Rice's description of the plant and its functions. Once again, Craig Harrison, the Society's modeling editor, provides us with several updates. The issue closes with pictures of the RF&P railroaders at work.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Volume 10, Issue 2, was mailed to all CY 2014 members on Monday, May 5th, via US Mail.

    Volume 10, Issue 1 Volume 10, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2014

    This issue describes the derailment of the ACL's Champion at Hamilton's Crossing and contains several pictures of the site along with accounts that appeared in the local newspaper. Member John Frye provides us with a great RF&P fish story and Modeling Editor Craig Harrison updates the membership on the modeling industry's status. On the back cover we again feature RF&P railroaders at work. Members who have renewed for Calendar Year 2014 will find their membership card inside the envelope. For those members who have not yet done so, there is a reminder notice.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Volume 10, Issue 1, was mailed to all CY 2013 or 2014 members on Monday, February 24th, via US Mail.

    Volume 9, Issue 4 Volume 9, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2013

    This issue covers Ashland Virginia and its history with the RF&P RR. Member Bill Steele provides a very nice article on the wreck of the ACL's "Florida Flyer." There are also articles on two other parts of the RF&P's history as well as the modeling editor's contribution.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Volume 9, Issue 4, was mailed to all CY 2013 members on Tuesday, October 16th, via US Mail.

    Volume 9, Issue 3 Volume 9, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2013

    In this issue, the Society focuses on Richmond Virginia's "Belt Lines" which were the two RF&P/ACL's routes into the city. A big thanks goes to Old Dominion Chapter, NRHS, member Steve Tarrant for allowing us to reprint his article. Since many of our members may not be aware of the work that was involved in creating the RF&P's "Rail-O-Gram" magazine, this issue covers how each issue was constructed and issued to the railroad's employees. There is also an article about how the ACCA train office kept track of the engine crews that worked out of that office. And, last but certainly not least, the Society's modeling editor has the last word on how things are developing in the railroad modeling world.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #33 Volume 9, Issue 3 (Summer 2013) was mailed to paid members for 2013, on July 24, 2013.

    Volume 9, Issue 2 Volume 9, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2013

    This issue contains a recently found article by ex-RF&P employee Robert O. Puryear titled "Story of the Virginia Central Railway" which provides more details on the shortline that connected with the RF&P in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Member and ex-RF&P employee John Frye provides us with an interesting story about snow and trains on the RF&P. There is also an article about the descriptive plaques that the city of Alexandria placed along the Potomac Yard walkway. And, last but not least, Craig Harrison, the Society's Modeling Editor, keeps us informed about the latest and greatest in RF&P modeling.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #32 Volume 9, Issue 2 (Spring 2013) was mailed to paid members for 2013, as well as 2012 members with renewal notices, on June 1, 2013.

    Volume 9, Issue 1 Volume 9, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2013

    The issue contains a Railway Age article on the Potomac Yard hump retarders, multiple pictures from photographer Dave George, a tribute to member and ex RF&P employee Willie Jones Jr. who passed away in 2012, and a very informative update from the Society's Modeling Editor. The envelope contains four inserts: An updated Company Store Order Form, a Modeling Interest Survey Form, an Engine 50 Update and request for membership input, and an order blank for the Hubert Jewel Book. CY 2013 membership cards are inside the envelope for those members who have renewed as of March 1, 2013. A membership renewal form was included for those who have not yet done so.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #31 Volume 9, Issue 1 (Winter 2013) was mailed to all members, even those who have not yet renewed, on March 2, 2013.

    Volume 8, Issue 4 Volume 8, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2012

    This issue provides an overview of the reuse of the 1910 RF&P RR Freight Depot that was located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It highlights reuse of the building as a meeting and activity center for the Cobblestone Square apartment complex. There is also a map showing an earlier freight station/depot that was in use prior to 1910 that the Society would like to know more about. Several of our members contributed items for this issue and Society member John Frye wrote an interesting first person article about another experience that he had while working for the RF&P. As usual, our Modeling Editor has authored a very informative two-page article on the state of the modeling industry.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #30 was mailed out to paid members for 2012, on 10-13-2012.

    Volume 8, Issue 3 Volume 8, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2012

    Copies of Volume 8, Issue 3 (Summer 2012), of the RF&P RR Historical Society newsletter were mailed to all active members who have paid their dues as of July 15, 2012. This issue focuses on the actions that take place during the four hours that a train load of perishables is at Potomac Yard. There is also an article by member John Frye on The Attack of the Oil Monster. Members Jim Landrum and Charles Curley III contributed items that are certainly of interest to the Society. Closing the issue out is a three-page Blue and Gray Modeling Forum highlighting the modeling industry and several related topics.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #29 was mailed out to paid members for 2012, on 07-20-2012.

    Volume 8, Issue 2 Volume 8, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2012

    This issue features an article written by William E. Griffin, Jr., titled RF&P Diesel Switchers in Road Service. The text is accompanied by several pictures from Bill's collection. New member Wilton O. Curtis provided us with several articles and background on his family connections with the RF&P. There is also information on Potomac Yard, employee publications, and the RF&P's passenger service. Not to be left out, our Craig Harrison, our Modeling Editor, has continued the diesel switcher theme of this issue into his column, Blue and Gray Modeling Forum.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #28 was mailed out to paid members for 2012, on 04-13-2012.

    Volume 8, Issue 1 Volume 8, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2012

    This issue contains a first person story by Robert O. Puryear, an RF&P Fireman, who rode engine 551, the "General Robert E. Lee", from Richmond to Potomac Yard and provides a narrative of the trip. An 11 x 17 picture of the engine and its tender span pages 8 and 9. There is also a short article about the Waterloo Station area by member Jim Foley. A listing of the Society's library of Rail-o-Grams and Data Links is also included. Not to be left out, is Model Editor Craig Harrison's update of his visit to the Amherst Belt Railway Show.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #27 was mailed out to paid members for 2012, on 02-13-2012.

    Volume 7, Issue 4 Volume 7, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2011

    This issue provides more details about the Cherry Hill wreck that happened in 1933. There is a nice article on life at Brooke Station. Member John Tiller provides us with a sample of his "RF&P Memories". Not to be left out is our Modeling Editor who has provided us with his usual fine work.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #26 was mailed out to paid members for 2011, on 10-18-2011.

    Volume 7, Issue 3 Volume 7, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2011

    The issue contains a copy of the ICC report about the accident that occurred at Cherry Hill, Virginia, on December 6, 1933, along with pictures that were not included in the report. There are also pictures from the Archives, an article on Positive Train Control by member John Frye, and an article by Norm Wolf on web searching for RF&P material. Model Editor Craig Harrison contributes two pages worth of material, including one on Easy Passenger Car Projects, first article in a series. On the rear cover are pictures of the South end Local crew switching Bear Island.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #25 was mailed out to paid members for 2011, on 07-30-2011.

    Volume 7, Issue 2 Volume 7, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2011

    This issue describes the RF&P's deployment and activation of Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) over the line, another gem from the memory of former RF&P employee John Frye, and another edition of the Blue and Gray Modeling Forum presented by Craig Harrison our Modeling Editor.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #24 was mailed out to paid members for 2011, on 04-23-2011.

    Volume 7, Issue 1 Volume 7, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2011

    This issue covers the RF&P territory between AF tower and the Newington / Accotink station often referred to as the Franconia Grade. Also included is text about the Accotink Creek Bridge Fire that happened on July 10, 1968. The Blue and Gray Modeling Forum showcases the work of Jerry Poniatowski and his S Scale interlocking tower based on the one located at Milford VA.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #23 was mailed out to paid members for 2011, on 02-22-2011.

    Volume 6, Issue 4 Volume 6, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2010

    Volume 6, Issue 4, highlights the passenger trains that the RF&P operated between Richmond VA and Washington DC and points North for special events such as flower shows, trips to the zoo and theatre, and sporting events. A fine article on remembering Tommy Boyd, the former Doswell VA operator, was provided by member Bill McClure., There are also two pictures taken from an airplane in 1927 of the right-of-way between "CR" Tower on the Southern and "AF" Tower on the RF&P. Our modeling editor provides his usual fine update on the world of model trains.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #22 was mailed out to paid members for 2010, on 10-18-2010.

    Volume 6, Issue 3 Volume 6, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2010

    This issue contains a copy of a memorandum by E. M. Hastings, the RF&P's Cheif Engineer, concerning the 1928 Mattaponi River flood that happened near Milford Virginia. There are also two articles about Car 100 as well as the Society's model editor's column.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #21 was mailed out to paid members for 2010, on 07-29-2010.

    Volume 6, Issue 2 Volume 6, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2010

    This issue contains the article "The 'Great Short Line' in Reconstruction 1865-1876" that tells the story of how the RF&P recovered from the effects of the War Between the States. Also, there is an article by member John Frye, a first time contributor to the newsletter, titled "Work on the RF&P Railroad... The Longest Day." Model Editor Craig Harrison updates us on several new RF&P items.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #20 was mailed out to paid members for 2009 or 2010, on 05-01-2010.

    Volume 6, Issue 1 Volume 6, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2010

    The issue provides more information on the Dahlgren Branch (including track maps), the newspaper coverage about the RF&P freight train explosion that happened in Fredericksburg in 1921, an article by Robin Shavers, and our Modeling Editor's report.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #19 was mailed out to paid members for 2009 or 2010, on 02-19-2010.

    Volume 5, Issue 4 Volume 5, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2009

    This issue covers two railroads that connected with the RF&P RR in the Fredericksburg VA area. The first was the Dahlgren Military RR that ran between what was Cool Springs (soon renamed Dahlgren Jct) and the military base at Dahlgren VA. The second is on the Virginia Central that ran from Fredericksburg to the Orange VA area.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #18 was mailed out to paid members for 2009, on 11-03-2009.

    Volume 5, Issue 3 Volume 5, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2009

    Volume 5, Issue 3, was mailed to all members on Wednesday, August 12, 2009. It is the third all color issue and focuses on the GP 35, GP 40, and GP 40-2 engines.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #17 was mailed out to paid members for 2009, on 8-12-2009.

    Volume 5, Issue 2 Volume 5, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2009

    The issue provides members with a brief history by decades of the RF&P RR from the 1830's to the end.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #16 was mailed out to paid members for 2009, on 6-15-2009.

    Volume 5, Issue 1 Volume 5, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2009

    This issue we are focusing on the railroads that connected or intersected with the RF&P on the northern end of the line. These lines included the Rosslyn Connecting RR (a Pennsylvania RR property), the Washington & Old Dominion RR, the Lorton & Occuquon RR, and the Fort Belvoir Military RR. The information presented is an overview and is not meant to be an in-depth article covering each line’s entire history. We are presenting this information in order to provide a quick look at their operation and how the RF&P provided an important link between these lines and the national rail network.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #15 was mailed out to paid members for 2009, on 3-20-2009.

    Volume 4, Issue 4 Volume 4, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2008

    Volume 4, Issue 4, focuses on Milford Virginia, the location of MD Tower, and contains an article titled “The RF&P Railroad at Milford” written by William E. Griffin, Jr., that provides an historical overview of the area along with pictures and a track diagram.

    A second article, also written by Mr. Griffin, Jr., titled “When the Orange Blossom Special Wrecked at Milford” is included. This article focuses on a January 1949 accident that occurred at 9:18 am while the train was traveling at 70 miles per hour. There are several pages of pictures of the aftermath along with a detailed narrative.

    Craig Harrison, our Modeling Editor, continues his Blue and Gray Modeling Forum highlighting the many RF&P related products.

    This is the last issue for the 2008 calendar year membership (January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008).

    If you have not renewed for 2009, please do so when you receive your 2009 renewal notices.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #14 was mailed out to paid members for 2008, on 11-01-2008.

    Volume 4, Issue 3 Volume 4, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2008

    Volume 4, Issue 3, of the RF&P RR Historical Society’s newsletter focuses on the major facilities located in Richmond Virginia and their activation during the Twentieth Century.

    First up is an article from the February 1919 issue of Railway Age magazine titled “A New Passenger Station Completed at Richmond, Virginia.” It describes the rationale for the stations location and provides a detailed description of the building’s construction.

    The next article appeared in the March 1st 1924 issue of Railway Age and is titled “Advanced Design in New Engine Terminal.” It provides a nice overview detailing the need for and construction of the engine servicing facilities located near Acca Yard.

    The third article is from the December 1962 issue of Railway Locomotives and Cars magazine and is titled “Cars, Diesels Repaired in One Shop.” It describes the layout of the Bryan Park facility that replaced the previously mentioned Acca Yard shop. We have included as many pictures as possible to explain the activities that occurred there.

    We are also proud to present articles by Robin R. Shavers (Railfanning the RF&P Railroad) and first time authors Bob Piper (Signalling on the RF&P in the 1930’s) and Carl Atkinson (Working at Broad Street Station in the 1950s).

    Craig Harrison, our Modeling Editor, updates us on the many new products along with a “Call to Action” on behalf of the many RF&P modelers.

    Also featured are several photographs of RF&P railroaders at work. We must always find ways to pay tribute to the individuals who gave so much to make the railroad a success.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #13 was mailed out to paid members for 2008, on 8-14-2008.

    Volume 4, Issue 2 Volume 4, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2008

    Volume 4, Issue 2, will be mailed out to all members on Friday May 2, 2008. It is the second all-color issue that the Society has published.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #12 was mailed out to paid members for 2008, on 5-1-2008.

    Volume 4, Issue 1 Volume 4, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2008

    Volume 4, Issue 1, features several articles and items about Doswell Virginia, an important crossing located between Richmond and Fredericksburg. In addition to the historical profile written by William E. Griffin, Jr., this issue features a first time contribution by member Joel E. Hoffman titled “Louisa’s Revenge, or How the Future CSX Litigated Its Way From Doswell to Richmond.” These two articles complement each other nicely and provide an in-depth look at how railroads interacted with each other in the early 19th Century. Included with the issue are the following items:

      • Two (11 x 17) pages and one (8½ x 11) page showing the station drawing (inside and out) and scale drawings of the tower, all sides),
      • One (8½ x 11) page drawing of the Doswell Station Lampost,

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #11 was mailed out to paid members for 2007 or 2008, on 2-11-2008.

    Volume 3, Issue 4 Volume 3, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2007

    Volume 3, Issue 4, highlights the history of the town of Quantico Virginia and the RF&P. The text was written by William E. Griffin, Jr., who also supplied the photos of the station through the years that accompany the story. Included is a 1980 track plan of the Quantico area showing the many sidings and the railroad buildings.

    The issue also contains several pictures of the station as it exists today as well as some postcard views from the early 20th Century provided by Raymond Lowry III. Rob Furney, Jr., has provided us with another of his articles. This one recalls his early years with the RF&P, sharing one of his earliest cab rides.

    The Once-Upon-a-Timetable segment transports us back December 1949 for our trip from Alexandria to Quantico.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #10 was mailed out to paid members for 2007, on 10-15-2007.

    Volume 3, Issue 3 Volume 3, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2007

    This 32 page issue highlights the history of the RF&P RR and it’s operations in the Fredericksburg Virginia area. William E. Griffin, Jr. (Fredericksburg Virginia and the RF&P) and Dave George III (A History of the Fredericksburg Passenger Station) provide articles. Hubert Jewell Jr. shares his memories of working at the West Hamilton (WH) Tower which was located south of the city.

    Mr. Harold H. Carstens, the President and Founder of Carstens Publications, granted permission to reprint “the night they nailed the night mail“ story originally printed in the November 1907 issue of The Railroad Man’s Magazine. As far as we can determine, this robbery was the only one that occurred on an RF&P train. Society member Bob Cohen provided us with a copy of the 1907 magazine which will be placed in the Society Library. Larry Duffee, also a Society member, should also be recognized for providing us with assistance in locating additional sources of information about this nefarious act.

    Modeling Editor Craig Harrison updates us on several hobby related issues.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #9 was mailed out to paid members for 2007, on 7-23-2007.

    Volume 3, Issue 2 Volume 3, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2007

    Volume 3, Issue 2, is the first publication that the Society has produced that contains pictures of steam and diesel engines, wooden and steel cabooses, passenger cars, and revenue and non-revenue rolling stock in COLOR. It features pictures taken by Leonard W. Rice, William E. Griffin, Jr., and others, at various locations spanning the entire railroad.

    It is hoped that a color publication such as this, highlighting a particular aspect of the railroad can be produced once each year.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #8 was mailed out to paid members for 2007, on 4-23-2007.

    Volume 3, Issue 1 Volume 3, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter (Winter) 2007

    Volume 3, Issue 1, pays tribute to the RF&P’s Broad Street Station that was located in Richmond Virginia. For many decades this station provided a landmark for travelers arriving from points both North and South. Also included are two articles describing the extensive Four Mile Run project that was implemented jointly by the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers and the RF&P Railroad. The first article provides a project overview and the second is a first-person description authored by Jack McGinley, the last superintendent of Potomac Yard.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #7 was mailed out to paid members for 2006 or 2007, on 1-22-2007.

    Volume 2, Issue 4 Volume 2, Issue 4:
    4th Quarter (Fall) 2006

    Volume 2, Issue 4, highlights Acca Yard in Richmond Virginia and features several fine articles by William E. Griffin, Jr., along with pictures that he provided. Also included is the final part of Mr. Puryear’s description about his trip to Richmond from Washington DC. This concludes his narrative and we thank those members who have waited patiently for this last chapter to be published. Member Andy Sentipal continues his “Ask the Collector” series and shares several examples of the postcards that the RF&P provided to their customers and patrons. Robin Shavers, another of our members, has written an interesting first-person story about railfanning Acca Yard and the surrounding area. And, last but not least, Modeling Editor Craig Harrison updates us on several items of interest.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #6 was mailed out to paid members for 2006, on 10-23-2006.

    Volume 2, Issue 3 Volume 2, Issue 3:
    3rd Quarter (Summer) 2006

    This issue highlights Potomac Yard and the surrounding area and recognizes what would have been the 100th anniversary of this important classification point were it still in existence. The coverage begins with an introduction and overview of Potomac Yard, followed by several pages describing operations over the years. This is followed by pictures and text about RO Tower and the Rosslyn Connecting Railroad, a Pennsylvania RR branch that ran past the Pentagon into Arlington VA. The passenger main lines, the piggyback yard, the icing platforms, and the hump and dispatch tracks are highlighted.

    William E. Griffin, Jr., has provided two articles. The first is an update on what happened to Potomac Yard in which he provides a clear analysis of the reasons for its closing. The second is on the Mallet hump engines that the RF&P leased and purchased from the C&O for use with its hump operations.

    Our overview continues with a summary and pictures of the Four Mile Run Flood Control Project, a massive undertaking to resolve the continual flooding of Arlandria, a nearby community. We plan on having a more extensive article in an upcoming issue on this event and how the RF&P overcame several operational challenges during what became a major renovation.

    There are pictures of the many buildings, towers, ramps, and other items that supported the yard operations and articles sharing memories of working with the piggyback trains and during difficult events. We close out our look at Potomac Yard with pictures of AF tower, the Southern Railroad’s yard south of Duke Street, and the massive Fruit Growers Express yards near AF.

    Craig Harrison, our resident modeling editor, provides an update of his visit to the hobby show that was held in Philadelphia PA and the many new items soon to be available.

    Even though Potomac Yard has disappeared from the landscape, the many workers employed there have not been forgotten. In 1986, the Potomac Yard Retired Employees Association, PYREA, was formed to enable retirees to meet and greet one another and stay abreast of changes in their situations. As a tribute to PYREA, we feature a one page summary of its history and the membership’s goals.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #5 was mailed out to paid members for 2006, on 8-1-2006.

    Volume 2, Issue 2 Volume 2, Issue 2:
    2nd Quarter (Spring) 2006

    Volume 2, Issue 2, (Spring 2006) is the first issue to feature an article written for us by William E. Griffin, Jr., on the RF&P’s transition from steam to diesel. The article includes copies of several Freight Train and Tonnage Reports from 1949 and 1950. Bill has also included some photos from his collection that show the railroad at work.

    Wayne Kendrick has dug deep into his photo archive to provide us with some great shots of trains passing through the Alexandria VA area.

    Andy Sentipal writes about the china that the RF&P used in their dining cars and provides pictures of several pieces.

    Andrew Morris describes a computer software program that can be used to simulate train operation on several sections of the RF&P. The article provides an overview of how the system can be used to incorporate changes in lighting and weather conditions to increase the realism.

    Craig Harrison, our resident modeling editor, shares his knowledge of passenger car models and how the various offerings from the manufacturers have changed over time.

    Also included in this issue is the second installment of Robert Puryear’s description of his experience in the steam locomotive cab titled “Riding Through Virginia on the Old Iron Horse” and describes the ride between Arkendale and Hamilton’s Crossing. As before, we have supplemented the original article with several pictures to help illustrate the area being described in the text.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #4 was mailed out to paid members for 2006, on 4-24-2006.

    Volume 1, Issue 2 Volume 2, Issue 1:
    1st Quarter 2006

    The RF&P Railroad Historical Society published its first newsletter for calendar year 2006 on January 14th and it contained several items that should be of special interest to the membership.

    Volume 2, Issue 1, featured the first installment of “Riding Through Virginia on the Old Iron Horse” by Robert Puryear. Mr. Puryear wrote about his trip from Washington D.C. to Richmond aboard the Governor Patrick Henry, engine number 601, while serving as a fireman. The conclusion of his story will be in our second issue.

    Two other items are “Once Upon a Timetable” that features an extract from the December 15, 1955, employee timetable and an article comparing train dispatching “then” (1932) and “now” (the early 1970’s). We hope that this second topic can eventually expand into a “From the Dispatcher’s Desk” column that would provide the membership with an inside look at how real-time train dispatching was performed.

    Two of our members, Wayne Kendrick and Rob Furney, Jr., share their memories of the RF&P RR with us and make us wish we had been with them trackside.

    Our Modeling Editor and Correspondent, Craig Harrison, looks back at 2005 and highlights the many products that were either available or in the works. His article is followed by a product review of the MTH S-2 three-rail “O” Gauge switcher.

    In addition to the above, the Executive Committee, on behalf of the entire membership, honors one of our own with a Special Member Recognition. This action is being taken to recognize William E. Griffin, Jr., a member of our Society who has generously shared both his time and knowledge with us and has asked for nothing in return.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #3 was mailed out to paid members for 2005, regardless of 2006 renewal status, on 1-09-2006.

    Volume 1, Issue 2 Volume 1, Issue 2:
    4th Quarter 2005

    Issue 2 highlighted the 100th anniversary of Alexandria Virginia's Union Station and contained photographs of the action around the station along with a text overview of the station's history. The model railroading section was used to introduce Craig Harrison, the Society's model editor, contained a review of the currently available O gauge Alco S-2 engine, and highlighted one member's layout. Historical features included the 1958 and 1959 railfan-caboose trips. The rear cover again focused on RF&P railroaders at work.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #2 was mailed out to paid members on 10-11-2005.

    Volume 1, Issue 1 Volume 1, Issue 1:
    3rd Quarter 2005

    Volume 1, Issue 1, was the first issue and served to overview the society and its goals. It contained an introductory message from Society President Bill Sheild who committed to providing quality leadership and support and introduced the elected officers. There were several articles of an historical nature including an article by retired locomotive engineer Robert Puryer along with several pages of photographs of railroad operations. Several pages were devoted to photographs of RF&P model railroad displays. Two pictures of railroad employees in action were displayed on the rear cover.

    (Summary by Editor Jim Musgrove)

    Issue #1 was mailed out by first-class mail on Wednesday, July 27th to those who had paid by July 23rd.

    July 30, 2005/July 24, 2005

    Submission of Material:

    Content already being solicited for Volume 10 and beyond. Email the Editor at if you have ideas for content or are willing to write/collect content. Personal recollections most welcome, from employees to travelers to railfans and others.

    Current Newsletter contacts:
    Newsletter Editor: Jim Musgrove,

    Model Editor: Craig Harrison,

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