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Table of Contents:

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Membership Eligibility
  3. Dues Year/Benefits
  4. Meetings & Frequency
  5. Salem Church Library
  6. Publications
  7. Brief History of the Society
  8. Society Election Ballot Instructions
  9. 501(c)(3) Status and Incorporation
  10. Company Store
  11. Archives
  12. Contact the Society
  13. Event Calendar

The Society's mission statement (as adopted at the 1st Quarter 2005 meeting):

(adopted 1-29-2005, subsequently ratified into Article II of the bylaws on 5-14-2005, and the Articles of Incorporation on 11-5-2005)

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Membership in the Society:

(Article III, Section 1 of Bylaws, adopted on 5-14-2005)

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Dues: Year-basis, applications, amounts:

Dues are payable on a calendar year basis. The Society publishes four issues of the newsletter each year. No matter when a member joins during the year, the member shall receive the four issues published that year, no matter the aggregate cover price.

Members joining after the Annual meeting, but prior to the end of the calendar year, shall have the option to pay for the following year, but in such event they will not receive the prior year's issues as a dues benefit.

Payment of dues shall also give the right to vote on all society business, as well as the election ballot in advance of the annual meeting.

The membership application is available online in word format All applications should be mailed to:

RF&P Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
ATTN: Membership Chairman
PO Box 9097
Fredericksburg VA 22403-9097

For 2018, dues levels are as follows:

Any amounts above the specified class of membership, and any amount over $100, will be recorded as a donation to the Society. Since the Society is a 501(c)(3) exempt organization, any amount in excess of the $20 regular dues is a tax-deductible contribution.

Dues levels for 2018 were set at the 2017 Annual Meeting that was held on 18 November 2017. All classes remain the same as 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011, and the regular and sustaining classes have remained the same as 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, with Contributing and Family levels remaining the same as they were for the inaugural 2011 year. The benefit continues to be 4 issues in 2018 as it was in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, as opposed to the 2 issues of 2005.
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Meeting Frequency

The Society meets in person on a quarterly basis. Only the 4th Quarter meeting, the Annual Meeting, is at a fixed location, the Salem Church Library. The other three quarters are open to meeting elsewhere when the program requires it.

The meeting RSVP email address is meeting-rsvp@rfandp.org. A separate regrets address has been created - meeting-regrets@rfandp.org - although one to either will accomplish the same purpose.

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Salem Church Library

The fixed site of the Annual meeting, and the site of most meetings to date, including those scheduled for 2011, is the Salem Church Branch of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library on Salem Church Road in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Brief Directions:
From I-95, take Exit 130, Route 3 West. Pass through several traffic lights, before turning left just past Salem Church onto Salem Church Road. The Library is on the left side just past the 2nd traffic light.

GPS Street Address: 2607 Salem Church Road, Fredericksburg VA 22407

Library official website here. Google map as used on their site:

View Larger Map & Print

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Society Publications

The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter. Thirty-four issues have been published to date: Two issues of Volume 1 were published in 2005, with four issues each of Volume 2 (2006), 3 (2007), 4 (2008), 5 (2009), 6 (2010), 7 (2011), 8 (2012) and 9 (2013. Presently, zero of four issues for 2014 have been published.

As yet, the newsletter does not have a permanent title. It has carried a railroad phrase to date - "Linking North and South" - as a temporary title. The publication schedule is such that the newsletter will be in members' hands at least 10 days prior to that Quarter's on-the-ground meeting.

Details of the Issues and a summary of their contents can be found on the Society Publications Page.

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A brief history of the Society

On the web since 1994:

Email List: (1998-2004 on lists.psu.edu; 2004-present on Yahoogroups)

Into the live-meetings of 2004 and 2005:

Bylaws Adoption, Dues Collection & Initial officers:

Incorporation, 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, regular Newsletters & rising membership:

Company Store flourishes

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Society Elections Process

The RF&PRRHS conducts officer and director elections by mail prior to each year's annual meeting. Nominations are taken at the 3rd quarter meeting from the floor, and the nominating committee will solicit the membership between the 2nd and 3rd quarter meetings. Each of the Executive Committee officers are elected annually, while the directorships are two-year terms, with three being elected one year, and two the next. The Directors need not hold an Executive Committee office. The first directors from the floor were elected in 2006. Per the Articles of Incorporation, the existing five Executive Officers were the initial directors until the 2006 annual meeting. A blank ballot along with that year's detailed instructions will go out with the 4th Quarter issue of the newsletter to all paid members at the Issue's scheduled mail date. Members who join/pay after the mail-out date may still vote in person at the Annual Meeting.

Some notes about returning the ballot:
IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE ANNUAL MEETING: Make sure your ballot is returned such that it gets delivered to the Society Post Office Box by the 1st of November. Ballots that arrive in the box up to the day before the Annual Meeting will be counted. It is important you mark the outside of the envelope "Elections" or "Ballot Enclosed" in some fashion.

TO THOSE WHO WILL BE PRESENT AT THE ANNUAL MEETING: You have the option of mailing your ballot ahead of time, or turning in your ballot at the start of the annual meeting. In person ballots must be in an outer envelope as if mailed.

Mail ballots should be sent to the following address:

RF&PRRHS, Inc. Elections
PO BOX 9097
Fredericksburg Va 22403-9097
Please also make sure to mark envelope, "BALLOT ENCLOSED".

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501(c)(3) Status and Incorporation

The Society received its 501(c)(3) Letter from the IRS on June 9th, 2006, with an effective date of February 2, 2006 - the date the Virginia State Corporation Commission accepted our Articles of Incorporation. Any contributions since February are covered under the determination letter, and all prior contributions back to formation date of May 14, 2005, are within the initial period that status is assumed.

The Society is a not-for-profit corporation, but it still must collect and pay Virginia sales tax on any sales, such as back issues or other company store items. The Society came on-line with the state in this capacity on May 1, 2006.

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Company Store

The CS debuted on the ground at the 3rd Quarter 2006 Society meeting on August 19, 2006. It was also present at the August 26-27, 2006, GTE Show at Chantilly, Va. Among the first offerings were a print by Keith Wilkerson of the "Thomas Jefferson" 4-8-4 at Richmond's Broad Street station, alongside shirts with the Society logo. In 2007, the Society commissioned Atlas to do a custom run of their HO scale wide vision caboose in RF&P's 1987 red scheme applied to cabooses 903 and 906. These were delivered to the Society in February 2008. Current offerings can be found on the Company Store main page.

Ron Herfurth is presently "store manager", and has been since the inception of the CS. In that capacity he can be reached at csmanager@rfandp.org. He is simply the lead volunteer of the many that are necessary to keep up the basic show schedule that Ron travels, which, in addition to Soceity events, include Greenberg shows in Chantilly, Fredericksburg and Richmond in Virginia, and Timonium in Maryland, the occasional Great Scale show in Timonium, and have included events such as the Manassas Railfest and the Lynchburg Rail Day in the past. Without Ron's efforts, the CS would not be what it has become today.

Additional volunteers to help man the table at the various shows and Society events are always appreciated.

Summarized, the CS presently offers shirts with the Society logo are available for purchase by members, as are shirts with the 1983 stacked letters logo. Hats the the same logo and mousepads with both the Society and the RF&P "Linking North and South" state outline logos are available, as are back issues of Society Publications. The Society has two original books available, by members Jewell and Foley, and presently offers custom-run HO scale models. The CS also acts as a pass-through of non-custom products from time to time at meetings and shows.

The Wilkerson print is still in limited supply, and RF&P logoed coffee mugs are available as well.

The Society is a not-for-profit corporation, but it still must collect and pay Virginia sales tax on any sales to Virginia residents or for Virginia delivery. With the Split tax rate in effect after July 1, 2013, site of CS controls such that only physical presence at shows in the 6% area (Northern Virginia and Tidewater) would collect that rate. In-state mail orders and CS presence elsewhere in the state is the 5.3% rate. Orders taken for later delivery out of state do not require tax.

CS on the road for the first time at the GTE Chantilly train show on 8-27-06: Shown in the picture is the CS Manager, Ron Herfurth, and on display are the Society's banner, back issues of the Newsletter, and the Wilkerson print. Keith was on hand manning his own table, and graciously lent us the original painting for display during the show, and has a standing offer to repeat it anytime he is at the same show as the Society.

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Society Archives

The Archives were authorized by action of the Membership at the May 2005 meeting. The Archives cover all types of items from the RF&P - its current contents are those items that have been given to the Society. In addition to preservation of items of the Railroad, the Archives will retain the corporate records of the Society.

Dick Eggleston is the Archives Chair - he can be reached at archivist@rfandp.org.

More information about the development of the Society Archives can be found on the Archives Page.

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Contact the Society

By mail (all applications should be sent to this address):

RF&P Railroad Historical Society, Inc.
PO Box 9097
Fredericksburg VA 22403-9097
Addressing your correspondence to the proper department will speed the reply process.

Elected Officers/Executive Committee Appointed Offices/Committee Chairmen
  • Bill Sheild, President, president@rfandp.org
  • James McDonald, Vice President, vp@rfandp.org
  • Bill Gellerman, Treasurer, treasurer@rfandp.org
  • Rob McKeever, Secretary , secretary@rfandp.org
  • Stan Short, Officer-at-Large, officeratlarge@rfandp.org

  • Jim Musgrove, acting Membership Chairman, membership@rfandp.org
  • Ron Herfurth, Company Store Manager, csmanager@rfandp.org
  • Jim Musgrove, acting Newsletter editor, newsletter@rfandp.org
  • Craig Harrison, Model Editor, modeleditor@rfandp.org
  • Rob McKeever, Webmaster, webmaster@rfandp.org
  • Dick Eggleston, Archives Chair, archivist@rfandp.org

  • Board of Directors
    Class 1 (Next up for election 2018) Class 2 (Next up for election 2019)
  • Bill Sheild
  • Bill Gellerman

  • Alan Hart
  • James McDonald
  • Dick Eggleston

    2016 Quarterly meetings:

    • 30 January - Salem Church Library
    • 30 April - Salem Church Library
    • 30 July - Salem Church Library
    • 29 October - Annual Meeting - Salem Church Library

    2017 Quarterly meetings:

    • 29 April - Salem Church Library
    • 29 July - Salem Church Library
    • 30 September - Salem Church Library
    • 18 November - Annual Meeting - Salem Church Library

    2017/18 Train shows (CS/Membership present):

    • Greenburg Train Show, Chantilly, Virginia -- Sat & Sun, December 16-17, 2017

    Please check back often on the above list as it may change as additional member staffing is available.

    If you know of a show not on the list that should have a table presence, and you are able/willing to volunteer to staff it, please email the Vice President at vp@rfandp.org so that the Society may provide you with any materials you may need.

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